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   Chapter 30 It Was Just An Accident

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5983

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

The silence of Shawn made Carol uneasy. She asked anxiously, "didn't you say that even if you married her, you only love me... You've been ignoring me recently. Today, you even let me see you kissing her. Tell me, have you changed your mind? "

Looking at Carol's aggrieved questioning, Shawn frowned slightly. Thinking of the scene that he kissed Windy and was caught by Carol, a touch of guilt flashed through his heart. Then he patiently said to her, "Sweetie, what are you thinking about? How can I change my heart for you? The kiss just now... It was just an accident. "

In fact, even Shawn didn't notice that when he explained to Carol just now, he was a little hesitant. But Carol just frowned slightly, and then relaxed. When she looked at him, a gentle and beautiful smile appeared on her face. "I knew you wouldn't."

Was the kiss just an accident?

Hearing this, Windy was completely stunned. She looked at the side face of Shawn, while he was staring at Carol. How ridiculous it was! How ridiculous such an explanation was!

Tears welled up in Windy's eyes, but she stubbornly looked at the two people, Shawn and Carol, unwilling to let her tears fall.

The man in front of her was her husband. It was not easy for her to marry him and become his legal wife. She would never allow anyone to take him away from her. Even if that person was her sister, and even if they would really turn against each other, she would never allow it!

Thinking of this, Windy didn't hesitate at all. She walked to Shawn, held his other arm and pulled him to her side. She was not afraid of the hatred from her sister at all, but turned to a strong and arrogant look. She said, "Shawn, you are my husband, not someone else's mistress. Without my permission, you can't go out with other women! "

Hearing this, Shawn was surprised. Why did this woman suddenly become so powerful? Was she crazy?

In order not to make Carol misunderstand him, Shawn looked at Windy coldly and asked, "Are you crazy?"

As she spoke, she was about to shake off Windy's hand that was holding his arm, but was pulled hard by her, and his tall body leaned down. She took the opportunity to whisper in his ear, "I also remind you that don't forget the first term of the agreement, and the second term of the agreement. As your wife, I have the right to interfere with you at home, and don't mess around with other women."

Shawn stared at the woman in front of him, but he could do nothing to her. The damn agreement said that he was just lifting a stone to hit his own feet.

"Shawn, you have made the agreement, but I have never thought of interfering with you everywhere. No matter how much you love my sister, I am your legitimate wife now. If you let me lose face in front of her, then don't blame me." Said Windy, glaring at Shawn. Did he think she would be afraid of him?

Shawn smiled at Windy and said sarcastically, "it seems that my wife is not simple. For herself, she even ignores the

kinship of sisters."

The kinship of sisters?

Windy was amused. Her husband had always loved her sister. He asked for a divorce for her sister again and again. How could he ask her to consider the kinship of sisters?

Looking at her good sister, she has already knew that what Shawn cared about was the little girl eighteen years ago, but she pretended to be herself and made him fall in love with her. Now that she had married Shawn, but her sister still wanted to take her husband away from her again and again. Why did she still care about the kinship between them?

With a sneer, Windy glanced at Carol, who was staring at Shawn and Windy. Then she said to him, "Is it because I ignore the sisterhood, or because your beloved woman has always been targeting me?"

Hearing her question, Shawn was speechless. He stood straight and looked at Carol. He didn't know whether this woman was really targeting Windy because she loved him or for something else?

Thinking of the terms of the agreement, it was indeed he who proposed it first, so Shawn couldn't refute Windy. After a long time, he said to Carol, "Carol, you go back first. I'll see you later."

How could he drive her back to accompany Windy instead of her?

With an angry look, Carol stared at Shawn and asked angrily, "do you really want to be with her so much?"

"Sweetie, don't be naughty. It's not good to be seen by grandpa. I will find an opportunity to see you today, okay?" Shawn walked to Carol and whispered to her, "Grandpa has been watching me closely these days. Now he has finally relaxed his vigilance on me. If you want to see me more often in the future, be obedient, okay?"

It was not until then that Carol realized that it was Ted who didn't want her to see Shawn on purpose. Hearing this, she had to compromise for the time being. She gave a ferocious glance at Windy. It was all her fault that she couldn't be with the man she loved. She would never forgive her for the rest of her life!

Holding the hand of Shawn, Carol looked like an aggrieved little woman. She pursed her lips and said, "Then you must go to see me today. I will wait for you all the time."

"Okay." Looking at the aggrieved look of Carol, Shawn pinched her cheek dotingly. He looked so gentle and handsome, as if he had given all his tenderness to the woman in front of him.

Seeing this scene, Windy was naturally jealous. The tenderness he gave her was wholeheartedly and sincerely from the bottom of his heart. As for her, he just said... It was just an accident.

Reluctantly, Carol let go of the hand of Shawn, as if she was worried about Windy. She glanced at her again, turned around and left...

Because of the appearance of Carol, Windy was upset and had no mood to do anything. Even if she went out with Shawn, she was not in the mood at all. What's more, Shawn took her out to have fun just to make up with Mr. Ted, which made her even more unhappy. How could she have the mood to have fun?

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