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   Chapter 28 Honey, Smile!

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5927

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Seeing her nod, Shawn continued to ask, "Did you also spend the weekend in the garden house last week?"

Windy didn't know whether she had broken the agreement or not, but she did spend the weekend in the garden house last week, so she nodded and said, "Yes."

"So you came to the garden house today. Are you going to spend the weekend here?" Shawn was not as calm as before. This time, he was questioning Windy.

Windy did have plans to spend the weekend in the garden house, so she didn't want to hide it. She still answered, "Yes."

"Just admit it." A faint smile appeared on the face of Shawn.

Windy frowned and asked, "I'm in the garden house. Does it have anything to do with the violation of the agreement? Shawn, you are making trouble out of nothing. "

Hearing Windy's question, Shawn was not annoyed. Instead, he generously told her what she had done wrong.

"Windy, if you want to come here to read and hide, of course I won't have any opinion. I even want you to hide here every day, so that I can't see and have a good rest, and I won't be annoyed."

Windy tried to suppress her anger, but was hurt by the cold and ruthless words of the head of the imperial palace. She felt it was ironic. She and Shawn were husband and wife, and they had to live according to his instructions every day, playing the affectionate couple with him in front of the elders. Even so, he still felt annoyed when he saw her?

Well, she really couldn't stand it anymore!

Windy, why do you insist on guarding this marriage?

Shawn said sarcastically again and again, trying to push her away from his world. But she still insisted on staying with him and guarding their marriage. What a big contrast!

Just as Windy was upset by the words of Shawn, he spoke again,

tom of your heart." Shawn explained carefully. His gentle expression made Windy a little stunned. Then she heard him say to her in a soft voice, "Smile again. Be honest, like this."

At the end of his words, Shawn smiled gracefully at Windy, who looked so handsome and charming.

Windy couldn't believe that he was so considerate to her. Moreover, his smile made her look absent-minded, as if he only smiled to her.

Seeing that Windy was in a daze for a long time and didn't smile, Shawn said again, "honey, smile!"

The words of Shawn, like a child's coquetry, were not as hostile as usual to Windy. Just like other ordinary couples, husbands were very careful and gentle to their wives.

Gradually, Windy's mood became relaxed and happy because of the change of the attitude of Shawn. She looked at him and smiled at him slowly.

The smile was so beautiful that it was unforgettable at a glance.

This was the first time for Shawn that he had looked at her. Unconsciously, he was absorbed in her smile. He didn't know why, but he remembered that eighteen years ago, the innocent smile on her beautiful little face seemed to be similar to the smile in front of him.

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