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   Chapter 27 As Thin As Treading On Thin Ice

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6037

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As Shawn spoke, he looked at Windy. Seeing that she kept her head down, he asked, "Windy, do you think so?"

Windy? He called her honey just now, but now he called her Windy so intimately. Humph, this man was really good at acting. He acted so well in front of the two old people. Didn't he think that he was lying? Didn't he have a conscience?

"Yes, grandpa. We will get along well with each other in the future." After a while, Windy said against her will.

Ted nodded," That's good, that's good."

Wilson also smiled gently and said, "Since you two get along so well with each other, your grandfather and I can also save a lot of energy in the future."

Hearing Wilson's words, Shawn just pressed his thin lips tightly and said nothing. While Windy just smiled and said nothing. Only Shawn and Windy knew that they were just pretending to be harmonious. In fact, their relationship was still as thin as treading on thin ice.

For many days, Shawn and Windy played the role of a harmonious couple. Gradually, Ted believed in the harmonious relationship between them, and relaxed his vigilance against Shawn.

In the past few days, Shawn did a good job. Except for several times when Carol took the initiative to call him, he seldom contacted her, which slowly relieved Windy's vigilance against her sister.

However, this seemingly calm surface was not so calm in fact.

Seeing that she failed to make an appointment with Shawn every time, Carol thought that Windy was deliberately preventing her from meeting with Shawn. She was very angry. It seemed that she needed to take the initiative.

It happened to be Saturday today. Carol called Shawn again to ask him out to meet her, but he refused her with the excuse that he had to work overtime on weekend.

In the past, Shawn never wor

o bored? She had deliberately avoided him, but he still came to make trouble for her.

Ignoring his unreasonable provocation, Windy stood up from the sofa and was about to leave the garden house, but was stopped by Shawn. His tall body stood in front of her, giving her no chance to leave at all. He even coldly questioned her, "Windy, do you know that you have violated the first rule of the marriage agreement?"

What was the first rule of the marriage agreement?

The first rule flashed through Windy's mind: Windy must cooperate with Shawn to play the role of a couple, especially in front of the elders.

Instantly, Windy frowned and retorted, "Shawn, don't make trouble out of nothing. I didn't break the first rule at all. I've been trying to cooperate with you to play the role of a loving couple in front of grandpa and mom. What's wrong with it?"

Shawn was 1.85 meter in height, much taller than Windy's 1.65 meter figure. He still looked down at her and nodded at her confidently. "Well, you don't know what you have done. Let me tell you in detail."

"Did you spend the weekend half a month ago in the garden house?" Shawn asked.

Windy thought for a while and nodded, "Yes.".

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