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   Chapter 26 Respect Each Other

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6199

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After freshening up in the morning, Windy stepped out of the bedroom to head downstairs for breakfast.

However, as she was about to go downstairs, she was suddenly caught in Shawn's embrace. In the next second, she heard him whisper in her ear, "Honey."

Windy could have sworn that bumping her nose against Shawn's chest wouldn't give her a concussion. 'What was going on, then? Was this all in my head? Why, then, was he calling me by such an endearment?' In a daze, Windy stared at him in confusion as he flashed a smile down at her.

Moreover, it was not the first time that she had seen that smile on Shawn's face, and it wasn't as if he never smiled at her. However, never had she been at the receiving end of such a smile, which was gentle, affectionate, and so breathtaking that she found herself having trouble breathing. His smile seemed so genuine.

In her eyes, smiles like this one were reserved for one person only: her sister. Now that he was giving her the same treatment, she couldn't help but think that this was all just an illusion.

"Honey, are you okay?" At that moment, Shawn raised a hand and gently pinched her cheek.

The slight pain brought her back to her senses. Now, she realized that it was no illusion—Shawn really was treating her like his beloved. She turned her face away in an attempt to evade Shawn's hand and hissed out in a bitter tone, "Stop it. You're hurting me!"

Hearing this, Shawn stopped pinching her face, but his other hand still rested possessively on her waist. "Honey, let's go downstairs and have breakfast together."

This encounter with this stranger wearing Shawn's face was unbearable for Windy. She peered at his perfect face searchingly.

Under normal circumstances, Windy would have been overjoyed to hear Shawn call her "honey". However, her intuition told her that something was wrong with Shawn at that moment. 'How else would his treatment of me change overnight?' Her doubts were understandable.

"Are you sick?" Windy finally asked after a long period of not saying anything. She was sure that Shawn was either sick or crazy, or else he wouldn't be treating her so gently.

Upon hearing Windy's sudden question, the gorgeous smile froze on his lips, and Shawn's face instantly darkened like a thundercloud. The two exchanged glances, with both of them trying—and failing—to read the other.

After an indeterminate length of time, the arm around Windy's waist tightened, pulling her even closer against Shawn's body. He lowered his head, leaned close to her, and whispered in her ear, "Windy, have you forgotten last night's agreement so soon? Huh?"

Realization suddenly hit her. Shawn changed how he was treating her because he was acting, and he was implying for her to cooperate with him!

She sneered to herself. After a while, a brilliant smile appeared on her lips, and she looked up at Shawn. Her face wore a detached expression as she murmured with a hint of irony, "How can I forget? It's my duty as a wife to obey her husband. Don't worry. I will perform well in front of grandpa and mom. I won'

t let you down."

She did say that she did not care, but she knew that her heart was aching. She hated how she and Shawn had to act to fool people into believing that they had a good marriage.

The sarcasm evident in her words did not sit well with Shawn. He didn't know why, but the indifferent, unconcerned look on her face made him feel angry and tempted him to conquer her.

'Calm down,' he thought. 'I don't really love this woman. Why do I care so much about what she does? Besides, I was the one who suggested for us to put on an act, so I'm the one who doesn't care, not her.'

The smile on the face of Shawn brightened. With a nod, he patted Windy's cheek and said in a hoarse voice, "In that case, honey, let's go downstairs for breakfast."

Windy glared at him and tried to wrest herself out of his arms and head downstairs on her own. However, Shawn promptly slid an arm around her waist and held her more tightly, leaving her no chance to escape.

Windy had no choice but to go along with him, letting him hold her and go down the stairs side by side...

"Good morning, Mom and Grandpa. You're up early today," Shawn greeted Ted and Anaya upon entering the dining room, his arm draped casually around Windy's waist.

Taking note of Shawn's arm around Windy's waist as they walked into the dining room together, Ted and Anaya exchanged questioning glances, both astonished at the sight. Soon, relieved smiles appeared on their faces. They thought that the relationship between the two had progressed so fast that they no longer had to worry about their future.

On their end, Shawn and Windy noticed the pleased looks on the elders' faces. Shawn's face was wreathed with a smug smile, while Windy's face colored with embarrassment. Windy also greeted them, "Good morning, Grandpa, Mom."

"Haha!." Ted let out a boisterous laugh as he looked dotingly at the couple. He nodded with a satisfied smile and replied, "Good morning, you two. Sit down and have breakfast."

"Okay." With his arm still around Windy's waist, Shawn approached the table with her attached to his side. He only withdrew his arm when, like a gentleman, he pulled out a chair for her. "Honey, sit down."

Windy was not used to receiving politeness from Shawn. With a slight nod, she responded, "Thank you."

However, in the eyes of Ted and Anaya, who were seated across them, the couple showed mutual respect, which boded well for the harmonious future of their family. The elders were filled with joy at the thought.

After the couple took their seats, Ted addressed Shawn, "Shawn, I'm really glad to see you and Windy get along so well. No matter how far your relationship has gone, I believe that as long as you exercise understanding and take care of each other, you will soon realize that my choice was right."

Shawn knew that the elder was getting carried away by his happiness. Regardless of his own feelings on the matter, he only nodded and reassured him, "Grandpa, I know. Thank you. Windy and I are married, so we intend to get along well with each other, just like today."

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