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   Chapter 26 Respect Each Other

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5923

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:02

After freshening up in the morning, Windy went out of the bedroom first and was about to go downstairs for dinner.

However, when she was about to go downstairs, Shawn pulled her into his arms. The next second, she heard him gently calling her, "honey."

Windy only felt a little pain when her nose hit the chest of Shawn. She looked up at him in a daze. She didn't know if it was her illusion that she saw him smiling at her.

It was not the first time for Windy to see the smile on the face of Shawn, nor was it the first time that she had seen him smile to her. But this time, he smiled so gentle and elegant. He smiled from the bottom of his heart, not affected or false.

In her eyes, his sincere smile would only be given to one person, and that was her sister. But now he obviously smiled to her, so she thought it was an illusion.

"Honey, are you out of your mind?" At the same time, Shawn raised one hand and gently pinched her beautiful face.

Windy felt a little pain on her face, so she came to her senses. She knew that at this moment, it was not an illusion, but a real existence. She turned to avoid the hand of Shawn and scolded him in a flirtatious tone, "You're so annoying. You hurt me."

Hearing this, Shawn stopped pinching her face, and his other hand was still holding her waist tightly. "Honey, let's go downstairs to have breakfast together."

Facing such a Shawn, Windy couldn't bear it. She stared at his perfect face with scrutiny, as if trying to find something from it.

Normally, when Windy heard him call her "honey", she would be overjoyed. But at this moment, she felt that there was something wrong with Shawn. The main reason was that his attitude towards her had changed greatly overnight. How could she not doubt it?

king at the two of them, Ted smiled happily. He nodded and said, "good morning. You two sit down and have breakfast."

"Okay." With one of his arms still around Windy's waist, Shawn walked to the table with her. Then he withdrew his arm from her waist and pulled a chair for Windy like a gentleman. "Honey, sit down."

Windy was not used to the politeness of Shawn. She nodded slightly and said to him, "thank you."

However, in the eyes of Ted and Wilson, who were sitting opposite to them, they thought that the couple really respect each other. It seemed that their family would be as harmonious as it was now in the future. The two old people felt happy at the thought of this.

After the two of them took their seats, Ted said, "Shawn, I'm really happy to see you and Windy get along so well. No matter how far your relationship has gone, I believe that as long as you tolerate and care each other, you will think that I'm right to choose for you one day."

Shawn knew that Mr. Ted said that because he was happy. Whether he agreed or not, he nodded and said, "Grandpa, I know. Thank you. Windy and I are a couple. We will get along well with each other like today."

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