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   Chapter 25 An Agreement In Marriage

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6192

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Windy was a stubborn woman. Since Shawn was afraid that it would be hard to explain to Carol, she would help them fulfill their wish. "Jekyll, Joe, Mr. Shawn could accompany anyone he likes. You two don't have to meddle."

Since her sister was ruthless to her, she didn't have to be so righteous to her. Since Shawn was so reluctant to her sister, she would fulfill his attachment. She would like to see how long they could miss each other?!

Hearing Windy's words, Jekyll and Joe took two steps away from him and replied respectfully, "yes."

Windy straightened up and walked into the elevator without looking back. She looked straight ahead, as if she was looking at Shawn and Carol, or not. Her cold and arrogant expression made it difficult to get close to her. Somehow, when Shawn saw her like this, a touch of heartache flashed through his heart.!

Looking at the elevator door gradually closed, the eyes of Shawn and Windy mixed. They seemed to be strangers, or like lovers, reluctant to leave and miss each other!

Carol, who was standing next to Shawn, naturally noticed that he had been looking at Windy all the time. A flame of jealousy suddenly lit up in her heart. Shawn, the man she loved deeply, how could he look at Windy like that?!

In the end, Carol didn't say anything. She just secretly clenched her hands. She swore that if one day she couldn't even keep the heart of Shawn, she would never let Windy go!

It was getting dark. There was silence in the large Yu's manor.

Sitting on the sofa in the study lazily, Shawn was really annoyed when he thought that he had been followed by bodyguards all day long. He put his forehead on one hand and thought carefully. Even if Windy had the ability to monitor him, she was not so stupid to go against him blatantly.

If she really wanted to know what he was doing, she would

and said, "Whatever."

Windy picked up her book again and read it carefully, ignoring Shawn.

Seeing that, Shawn had nothing to say to her. He turned around and was about to take a shower, but he heard Windy's voice behind him. "Tonight, I'll sleep on the sofa, and you sleep on the bed."

Hearing this, Shawn stopped, turned around and asked, "Why?"

"I like to sleep on the sofa." Windy didn't want to explain too much to him. She didn't want him to think that she was caring about him.

Looking at Windy who was sitting on the sofa with her back to him and reading all the time, Shawn felt confused, but he knew that she must have lied to him by saying that she liked to sleep on the sofa, but it didn't feel like doing so because she cared about him.

He stood there in a daze for a long time before Shawn went to the bathroom to take a shower...

When Shawn came out of the bathroom, he found that Windy was really asleep on the sofa, covered with a thin quilt. At this moment, he had a strange feeling. He knew that Windy was deliberately sleeping on the sofa.

Windy, Windy, what kind of woman are you?

In the wide kingsize double bed, the tall body of Shawn was lying alone, but he didn't sleep all night...

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