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   Chapter 25 A Marriage Agreement

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6362

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Windy was known to be a stubborn woman. Shawn was concerned that it would be difficult to explain to Carol, so she decided to help them fulfill their wish. "Jekyll, Joe, Shawn is allowed to have lunch with anyone he wants. You two don't have to meddle."

Since her sister had been so ruthless to her, she didn't want to be graceful towards her. Shawn was so eager to see her sister so Windy would fulfill his wishes. She wanted to see how long their infatuation with one another would last. How long could they miss each other for?

After hearing Windy's instructions, Jekyll and Joe took two steps away from Shawn and replied respectfully, "Yes."

Windy straightened her body and walked into the elevator without looking back. She merely looked straight ahead, as if she didn't see Carol or Shawn in front of her. The cold and arrogant expression on her face made her seem intimidating and hard to get close to. Somehow, when Shawn saw her like this, his heart ached for her. 'What was going on with me?' he thought to herself.

As the elevator doors slowly closed, Shawn and Windy's eyes met. They were like strangers, or maybe even lovers who were reluctant to leave and miss each other.

Carol, who was standing next to Shawn, noticed that his eyes were fixated on Windy the entire time. A flame of jealousy erupted inside of her. 'How could the man I loved look at another woman like that? How could he do that to me?'

In the end, Carol decided not to comment on it. Instead, she clenched her fists at her sides. She swore that if she ever lost Shawn's affections for her, she would never let Windy go!

It was getting dark outside, and the Yu's manor was silent.

As he lounged on the sofa inside his study, Shawn recalled how the bodyguards trailed him all day long, and the memory irritated him. He rested his forehand on his hand and pondered on his thoughts. Even if Windy had the resources to monitor him, he knew that she wasn't foolish enough to go against him on purpose.

If she wanted to know what he was up to, she would've sent someone to spy on him in secret. She wouldn't have let him find out about it, unlike the way the bodyguards followed him openly today.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like it was Ted's idea instead. He hoped that Shawn and Windy could get along if he kept an eye on Shawn, so how could he let Ted down?

Shawn thought that he should do something about it, so he walked to his desk and sat down. Then, he picked up a piece of paper and began to write.

After finishing her shower, Windy left the bathroom and walked over to her bedside. She intended to lie down and rest, but then she suddenly remembered how uneasy Shawn looked as he slept on the sofa. Moreover, she also noticed how he pinched his arms and shoulders from time to time when they were on their way to work. He didn't sleep well last night.

She made a move to grab the corner of the quilt but then thought against it. Then, she picked up a book, walked over to the sofa, then sat down as she read.

After some time, the bedroom door pushed open, and she heard the sound of footsteps coming in. Without even looking up, Windy

knew that it was Shawn who had come in. She ignored him and continued to read the book in her hand.

Even when he moved closer to her, she still paid no attention to him. "This is the agreement I drew up. Have a look," he finally said.

'Agreement?' Windy's brows furrowed as she looked up from her book. She took the agreement from Shawn and read through it carefully.

According to the terms of the agreement,

first, Windy must cooperate with Shawn in playing the role of the loving couple, especially in front of the elders.

Second, Shawn and Windy couldn't interfere with one another's personal freedom and relationships with others, except for at home.

The third point was that no matter what happens, Shawn and Windy are not allowed to bring their personal emotions into their home.

Lastly, Shawn and Windy couldn't refuse if they have to appear and participate in public activities together.

When she finished reading through the agreement, Windy raised her head and asked, "What happens now?"

"If you have no problems with the terms, then hurry up and sign it," Shawn explained.

Windy asked, "What's the purpose of this?"

"To maintain a civil relationship between us and to maintain harmony at home." He kept supplying her with vague answers and refused to tell her that he was doing it for Ted's sake. He intended to satisfy Ted so that he wouldn't keep such a close eye on his whereabouts.

Even if Shawn refused to tell her this fact, Windy knew what his true intentions were. However, as she looked at the agreement, she decided that she wouldn't lose anything if she agreed to it. She only needed to cooperate with him, so she signed her name without hesitation.

As he watched her sign the agreement, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, but it immediately vanished. He also signed his name and said, "This is only a temporary agreement. We can modify it in the future if anything is missing."

She casually shrugged her shoulders and said, "Sure, whatever."

Windy picked up her book to read again and continued to ignore Shawn.

He had nothing more to say to her, so he turned around and was about to get into the shower when he heard Windy say, "I'll sleep on the sofa tonight. You can take the bed."

Shawn stopped and turned to face her before he asked, "Why?"

"I'd prefer to sleep on the sofa." She had no intention of explaining any further. The last she wanted was for him to think that she was concerned about him.

As he looked at Windy who was seated on the sofa with her back turned to him, Shawn was confused. He knew that she must have lied to him by saying that she wanted to sleep on the sofa, but it also didn't feel like she said that because she cared for him.

He was stuck in a daze for a few moments before he abruptly left to take his shower.

By the time Shawn left the bathroom, he found Windy fast asleep on the sofa covered in a thin quilt. A strange feeling blossomed in his chest. He knew that Windy slept on the sofa on purpose.

'Windy, what kind of woman are you?'

Lying in the wide king-size double bed, Shawn was alone, but he couldn't seem to fall asleep that night...

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