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   Chapter 23 Monitoring

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6751

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Shawn was about to enter the pocket door to the bathroom, but someone had opened it simultaneously from the inside. He bumped into Windy and found themselves a breath away from each other.

Windy dressed a little different than her usual. She used to wear light make-up, but today, her smoky eyes had the shade of lavender. Her appearance made her more charming and sensible, but Shawn sensed something peculiar.

Shawn frowned and asked, "Is there something wrong?"

He finished his words before he realized that there was a hint of sensual concern under his tone, and even the way he gazed in her eyes seemed so affectionate.

Windy cast a faint but confused glance at Shawn. 'Did he care about me just now?' Either way, she didn't feel sunny about it nor did she have the need to comment. She just walked past him and strode off to their room.

Everything seemed to have happened so fast for Shawn. Yesterday, he went home late, and then Ted scolded him when he found out that he went to see Carol. Today, he was ultimately feasted upon by the people under the influence of Ted like a barren carcass.

After breakfast, Ted surveyed Shawn's every move as he went out with Windy on his way to work.

Nevertheless, as soon as they arrived at the company, he immediately parted ways with Windy. He thought that he was already out of Ted's sight, but something behind him seemed to have been stalking his steps. He turned around for a second and saw two suspicious covert men following him!

'Damn it!' The first person he thought to have arranged such a desperate operation was Windy. 'How bold of her to send spies behind my tail? Was she putting me to a test?' At that point, he regretted every single chance he had to strangle the life out of her instead of showing her his balmy side.

He swiftly pivoted and glared at the two bodyguards and asked sourly, "Are you spying on me?"

The startled sentinels looked at each other until one of them awkwardly said, "Forgive us, Mr. Shawn Yu. We're just following our orders."

Shawn could not believe what he had exposed.

Without saying another word, he eluded them and sauntered straight for the chairman's office. He wanted to see what that petty woman had to say for herself!

When he arrived at the chairman's front desk, he was halted right away by another set of bodyguards. One of them said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Shawn Yu, but you can't enter without the chairman's permission."

"Fuck off!" he roared angrily in reply. Now, no one could stop his steps from entering the office.

His fierce aura scared every staff off his path as they paved a way for him. Who had the courage to stop such a scourge? Even the bodyguards fled their duty and bowed down aside.

Shawn kicked the door open with brute force and finally landed a heavy foot on the office floor. His expression was blank as he scanned the department managers’ faces that stood between him and Windy. He had no interest in the topic they were talking about. His face was fuming with displeasure as he shouted in an earsplitting volume, "All of you, get the fuck out!"

The managers had no idea what havoc entered the office. All they could fathom was that their CEO's eyes were blinded by nothing but wrath. Everyone turned to look at each other until all their eyes landed on Windy. It seemed like they were waiting for their chair

man's word before they dispersed out of the office.

"I said, get out! Didn't you hear me the first time?" Shawn repeated himself in the same intensity as he was exceedingly growing impatient.

Windy had no idea what was triggering this reckless man once again. Not long after she arrived, he showed up like a raging bull out of the blue, and this made her hopping mad!

She was boiling hot under the collar, but she didn't fail to compose herself in front of her revered employees. She held back her ranting and waved at the department heads, saying, "Outside, everyone. Take a break."

Finally, everybody left and gave them some privacy.

The doors were shut closed, and the bustling workplace was emptied for Shawn and Windy alone.

She sat on her chair with a sorehead due to the overwhelming aggravation in her chest. She neither spoke nor gazed at the man in front of her. Since yesterday, he had been an irritating pain in the neck for her. She yearned to rant her emotions, but she was in no place to do so.

"Aren't you feeling guilty?" asked Shawn as he raised his brows at the sedentary woman in front of him.

Windy puzzled what he was trying to allude to her. 'What did he mean when he said guilty? Is he accusing me of doing something erroneous to him anew?

Huh? That was so absurd!'

Windy appeared suffocated as her throat was drowned in rage. Alas, his eccentric question was the last key to her outrage. She threw her chair flying behind her as she stood up. She looked at him dead in the eye and said, "I didn't do anything wrong to you, Shawn. Why would I feel guilty? You went home late last night, and that is why grandpa scolded you for an earful. You thought that I blew the whistle on him, then you attempted to strangle the life out of me. Did you come all the way here just to cause another scandal for me? Are you asking me if I am guilty? Make it make sense, Shawn!"

Shawn gritted his teeth and stared at her vacantly. He leisurely shook his head and replied, "Wow! I was right when I said that you are the best at acting!"

'What? Did he just accuse me of play-pretending? What was there for me to portray in the first place?'

Windy was bent out of her self-control and walked around her desk to stand her ground in front of Shawn. She was itching to figure out what he was wailing about. She probed, "Tell me, what did I do? What did I pretentiously try to be?"

He got the impression that she was innocent, but he still showed no trace of concession. He said, "Don't tell me that it wasn't you who sent two stalking bodyguards on my trail this morning. You did this!"

'Two bodyguards followed and monitored him?'

Windy felt obscure and wondered why a couple of guards were spying on him, because she too was as clueless about it as he was!

She didn't know how to respond to his accusation. Be that as it may, those were all her grandfather's men! They were obedient to her, but she wasn't dull stupid enough to send someone creeping upon Shawn.

If that's the case, was it grandpa who sent them?

It all made sense to Windy now. The only possible explanation was that all of this was Ted's doing to keep watchful surveillance on Shawn. She thought that it was an absolute exaggeration on Ted's part to do such an ominous thing. No wonder why Shawn felt exposed as if he was naked in the streets.

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