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   Chapter 23 Monitoring

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5885

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When Shawn was about to open the door of the bathroom, it was opened from the inside. He and Windy bumped into each other face to face.

Today, Windy's dressing style was a little different. She had always worn light make-up before, but today she wore Lavender make-up. Although she looked more charming and more mature as a woman, Shawn felt something was wrong.

Frowning slightly, Shawn asked, "What's wrong with you?"

Shawn didn't realize that there was concern in his question, and even the way he looked at her softened.

Windy cast an indifferent glance at Shawn. Was he caring about her? However, she didn't feel happy or say anything. She just passed him and walked out of their room...

To Shawn's surprise, he came back late last night. Later, Mr. Ted found out that he went to see Carol. Today, he was completely targeted by Mr. Ted's people all the time.

After breakfast in the morning, under the watch of Ted, Shawn went out with Windy and went to work.

But as soon as he arrived at the company, he separated with Windy. When he went to work in his own office, he found something wrong. He was followed by two bodyguards!

Damn it! He assumed that was Windy's arrangement firstly. How dare she send someone to monitor him? Was this woman challenging him? He really regretted that he was softhearted and did not strangle her at once.

He turned around, glanced at the two bodyguards behind him with his sharp eyes, and asked them coldly, "are you spying on me?"

The two bodyguards looked at each other, and one of them said awkwardly, "Mr. Shawn, we are also under orders. Please forgive us."

Shawn was speechless.

He didn't talk to them anymore. Instead, he walked past them and headed for the chairman's office. He wanted

ld you that you're really good at acting! "

He said she was acting?! What did she act to be?

Annoyed, Windy walked around the desk and stood in front of Shawn. She had to figure it out, so she raised her head and questioned him, "Please tell me what happened? What did I act to be? "

Looking at the innocent expression on Windy's face, Shawn showed a trace of disdain. He looked at her and said, "Windy, don't tell me that from this morning, two bodyguards have been following and monitoring me all the time. You don't know this!"

Did two bodyguards follow and monitor him?

Windy was confused and wondered why there were bodyguards watching him? She really didn't know!

Windy couldn't figure it out and couldn't explain anything to Shawn. Besides, those bodyguards were all her grandfather's. Although they were all obedient to her now, she was not so bored as to send someone to monitor him.

Did grandpa mean that?

After thinking about it for a while, Windy thought that was the only possibility. It should be grandpa who asked the bodyguards to follow Shawn. But she thought that Mr. Ted was too exaggerated. No wonder Shawn said he was monitored.

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