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   Chapter 22 Deep Love

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 6926

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Blamed! Shawn saw the lurking touch of disgust on Windy's eyes. 'How dare she hate me like this!'

Although her whys and wherefores were a mystery to him, the more she flashed her defiance, the more he craved to take her under his rule. This was the tyrant inside Shawn. It didn't matter whether he loved a woman or not. As long as she showed resistance, there was enough reason for him to take her liberty and make her as obedient as a slave.

He reached out to pinch and pull her supple chin tightly towards him as he pressed his lips hard against hers.

There was an overwhelming sense of warmth that capsulated Windy's lips. The sudden intimacy had her eyes wide-open as she was face to face with this prepossessing man. The kiss was simple and pure, yet she felt a diverse gush of emotions in her chest. Will their relationship be like this all the time in the future?

Why couldn't they settle to be ordinary just like any other couples out there? Some dealt with this situation with utter respect for each other. They treated their partner like an esteemed guest even though the bridge of love between them was shattered with regret. Some just carried on and lived a happy life in that set-up.

But, what about them? They didn't just scream their lungs out every time they quarreled. They tortured the life out of each other! It seemed like a day of peace was just absolutely impossible for this falling-out pair.

There had never been a woman in this lifetime who compelled Shawn to heave a kiss so sincere and gloriously affectionate until now. The smooch was so marvelous that it felt beguile! He let his guard down on the spur of the magical moment and yearned to embrace this little woman as his own.

With desire luring him closer and closer towards her, he did what his lust fancied. He withdrew the kiss and lowered his head as he loomed in front of Windy. He stared at her from above as he examined her beautiful face with a burning passion.

Windy wanted to shove him away, but Ted's bidding request suddenly popped into her mind. If she could bear Shawn's child, then it just might concoct their relationship to be a little less complicated.

With the idea of the child tying their loose ends, Windy was somewhat absent-minded. She lay there motionless and allowed him to pour his love.

Everything went smoothly luscious and sexy as they stripped off their clothes and slumbered on the bed. Shawn was about to occupy her anatomy with his manhood until his mobile phone suddenly rang like a clamorous knell!

Just like that, his foxy excitement was gone, and he was awakened by the disturbing buzzing of his phone. He renounced his torso's positioning and realized how bare and naked they were! Immediately, he felt contrite and lost the sense of arousal. 'Damn it, what the hell was I thinking? ! How could I leave her meager in bed?'

He hurriedly gathered his scattered clothes and wore them in a jiff. In order to water down the blazing embarrassing flame between them, he quickly grabbed his phone and answered the call on the balcony.

Meanwhile, Windy wrapped herself in the thin quilt like a whirlwind as she watched Shawn's projected silhouette talk over the phone with someone on the balcony. Suspecting wasn't entirely her thing, but her surmised concluded that it must have been her sister who called. Only she could make him treat a phone call like a matter of life and death.

Suddenly, her heart relega

ted to pump a stream of pain mixed with bitterness into her bloodstream. What did she do to deserve this from him? He was as gentle as a quiet lake for a moment before he threw her into the abyss like she was nothing!

She didn’t dare to wait for him to finish his chitchat and enter the room because she had no idea how to face him now that she felt demoralizingly humiliated. She had been aching to the core because of him. So, what was the point of her stubborn eyeballing now?

Under the quilt's warm embrace, Windy loosened a bit and relaxed down on the mellow bed. All her latter-day suffering flashed right in front of her eyes like an episode, and she wanted to cry, but she didn't want Shawn to see her vulnerable side. So, she tucked herself in between the sheets and wept under her breath.

Undeniably, she needed to be strong and face her adversities with courage, but sometimes she felt weary and wanted to cry. If she always resorted to just force herself to suppress her emotions, she would absolutely lose her sanity. As her lifeline, she allowed herself to cry, but she must return to the formidable woman that she was and take no defeat for a resolution. She had to be brave for Shawn, her sister, and the love she had been battling for.

It was indeed Carol who phoned Shawn. He had been chatting with her for a while now, but his mood seemed to be not that invested in their conversation. He was speaking to the love of his life, yet his thoughts were anchored at the images of his bewitching kiss and heated intimacy with Windy. Surprisingly, he even blamed Carol for disturbing him this late in the evening.

"Shit!" cursed Shawn irritably as soon as he hung up the phone. Was he going crazy? Why were his thoughts flooded by the portrait of Windy? !

Shawn shook his head giddy and promised to himself that he would never allow his mind to be captivated by that woman ever again!

He turned around, stormed back inside, and saw how huge the king-size double bed was. Windy wrapped herself up with the quilt like a spring roll and squeezed herself in the middle of the mattress. He could notice her trembling body from across the room as he wondered what was wrong with her?

He frowned as he took a step closer. He hesitated for a while until he decided to just leave her be. Instead, he grabbed his robe from the wardrobe and went to the bathroom to take a soothing shower.

Ted had been watching him very closely. So, it was difficult to sneak to the study or guest room for some sleep. He looked around and decided that the bedroom sofa would suffice for the night. Shawn was a tall man, but the sofa was long enough to lodge his entire length. However, it could not accommodate all of his twists and turns, and the consequence for desperately curling up the entire night was a terrible backache and huge lack of sleep!

He carefully twisted his neck with one hand and heaved out a painful groan. He perched up on the sofa and stretched his torso a few more times. Finally, with his joints in relief, he stood up and longed for the soft and comfortable bed right across the room. He stared at it only to realize that Windy had already left the sheets!

He felt alleviated to not see her there. Her disappearance was good as it would have eliminated his frustration. Before he threw himself on the mattress, he decided to head to the bathroom one last time and freshen up in anticipation of his long quiet sleep.

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