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   Chapter 21 The Man She Loved Deeply

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5439

Updated: 2020-06-21 00:02

Windy was not afraid of his cruelty. Instead, she raised her neck and arrogantly looked at the man in front of her. They had been married for less than a week, and this was the second time he wanted to strangle her. No matter how much she loved this man, her heart should be destroyed and she could never come back to life.

However, she was still determined to challenge Shawn. She said, "If you don't want me to be an obstacle between you and my sister in the future, you'd better strangle me now. Otherwise, with me around, you won't be able to be together for the rest of your life."

"Do you think I dare not?" Shawn was completely irritated by Windy. He stared at her with fury in his eyes. He tightened his grip on her neck, and his face was very cold. He didn't know what he was thinking. He wanted to strangle Windy in front of him, but why couldn't he do it?

Blamed! Shawn cursed in his heart. Why couldn't he do it?

Windy also looked straight at Shawn. The cruelty in his eyes and the coldness on his face pierced her heart again and again. Even though she was bleeding, she was still unwilling to let go of this man. However, now he pinched her neck hard, trying to kill her!

Slowly, Windy closed her eyes in despair. Maybe she wouldn't feel so painful if she didn't see the cruelty and coldness of this man.

"Shawn, I think I'm strong enough, but in just a week, you hurt me again and again. But what about me? I'm still so humble. I don't want to give up our marriage even if you don't love me. Do you know why? " There was a faint sob in Windy's voice, as well as a hint of complaint against Shawn.

g. I just want to see if I will move you and let you go of me. I didn't expect you to be fooled. I can't believe it! "

Hearing this, Shawn was furious. How dare this woman play tricks on him?!

"Windy, you'll pay for what you just said!" A touch of coldness flashed through Shawn's dark eyes. Then he pulled Windy into his arms and tightly held her slender waist, preventing her from escaping from his arms.

When Windy realized that she was held in the arms of Shawn, she looked at the man in front of her with stubbornness and pride. She didn't like to be fixed by him like this at all.

"Are you crazy? Let go of me!" As soon as Windy finished shouting, she was lifted up by Shawn, and then thrown hard on the bed. His tall and slender body suddenly pressed down. Since this woman dared to play with him, he would play with her well.

Seeing that Shawn lowered his head and was about to kiss her, Windy turned her head in disgust and dodged. This man wanted to kill her just now. She didn't want to have sex with him in this situation, or even she would despise herself.

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