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   Chapter 20 She Must Be Strong

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 5908

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Although she hated Windy so much, she pretended to be gentle and obedient. She pouted and said thoughtfully, "since grandpa asked you to go back for dinner, you should go back early. Don't make him wait too long."

"Okay." Shawn replied. He held her hand, put it to his lips and kissed it. Then he said, "You have to have dinner as well, okay?"

Carol nodded, "yes."

Shawn touched her face again and left.

With an expressionless face, Carol didn't move at all. All of a sudden, her chin was too high, making her look both arrogant and cunning. She was even plotting how to deal with her own sister and win back Shawn.

The clock in the living room was pointing at nine o'clock. Shawn hadn't arrived yet.

In the dining room, Ted's face darkened. Windy and Wilson sat on the other side of the table, not daring to breathe heavily. They were both praying in their hearts that Shawn could come back as soon as possible.

Another quarter passed...

Outside the restaurant, Nancy's voice finally sounded. She said, "Mr. Shawn, you're back. Mr. Ted, Mrs. Sally and Mrs. Windy are waiting for you in the restaurant."

"Got it." Shawn replied indifferently and walked into the living room.

As soon as Shawn entered the dining room, he felt that the atmosphere was a little serious. Windy and Wilson glanced at him, but said nothing. On the other hand, Mr. Ted's face darkened. He knew that he would definitely be taught a lesson by his grandfather tonight, but he still acted as if nothing had happened. He calmly called, "Grandpa, mom."

As soon as he walked to the seat next to Windy and sat down, he heard that Ted picked up his chopsticks and thumped it on the table. Both Windy and Wilson were slightly shocked, but only Shawn looked calm. Then he he

also full of irony.

Windy could vaguely feel what he meant. He must have been angry in front of grandpa, so he came to vent his anger on her now. Well, she endured it!

Windy tried her best to suppress the grievance and anger in her heart, and continued to listen to him, "gossip behind me, and this is your true face, right?"

Windy looked at Shawn with an injured face. After a while, she shook her head and defended herself, "no, I didn't."

However, Shawn didn't believe what she said at all. Instead, he continued to hurt her with sharp words. "How could grandpa know that I went to see Carol if you didn't? Windy, you are so cruel. You not only told grandpa about it, but also asked him not to look for Carol again. Are you satisfied with this result?"

Windy knew it was useless to defend herself in the face of the injury of Shawn, so she didn't say anything and just let him misunderstand her as he liked.

However, her forbearance made Shawn more certain that she had reported it to Ted. His face turned cold, like the Satan from hell. The next second, he pinched Windy's neck with one hand, and it seemed that he would strangle her to death in this way.

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