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   Chapter 20 You Have To Grow Stronger

Betrayal of Love: Ex-husband Comes To Me Again By Zhao Yuan Characters: 7192

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Although she hated Windy to the bones, Carol pretended to be calm and obedient. She pouted to solidify her facade, and thoughtfully said, "Since grandpa asked you to go back for dinner, you should go now. Don’t make him wait too long."

"Okay," he replied. He raised her hand and kissed it. In order to assure her, he continued, "You have to eat dinner as well, okay?"

She obediently nodded. "Yes."

He gently touched her face again before he left.

She was left with a blank expression on her face. She stared into oblivion, dazed and confused. Such event seemed to have triggered something inside her. She started plotting her revenge and methods on how to deal with her own sister and win Shawn back to her.

The clock in the living room already ticked to nine, but Shawn hadn’t arrived yet.

Ted’s face continued to be gloomy as he was impatiently waiting for his grandson in the dining room. Meanwhile, both Windy and Anaya sat on each side of the table. Neither of them dared to breathe a sound that would disrupt the silence enveloping the room. Deep inside, they were both praying that Shawn would show up as soon as possible.

Another quarter passed…

Outside the dining room, Nancy’s voice finally rang with a welcoming tone. "Mr. Shawn Yu, you’re finally back. They’re waiting for you inside."

"Got it," Shawn replied. He proceeded to walk into the dining room with a certain degree of unbothered confidence.

The moment he entered the dining room, he immediately felt the serious, rather chilling atmosphere. Windy and Anaya glanced at him with a look of relief, but decided not to say anything. Ted, on the other hand, still looked gloomy as ever. Shawn knew that he would definitely be scolded by his grandfather before they decided to wrap things up for tonight. However, he kept his composure and pretended nothing had happened. He calmly greeted, "Grandpa, Mom."

Almost everyone present could hear Ted as he faintly but firmly thumped the table when he picked up his chopsticks. One would think that everything would calm down as soon as Shawn showed up, but no. The intensity in the air only thickened that both Windy and Anaya feared the uncertainty of the future. Despite of it all, Shawn looked calm as usual. "You still remember to come home, uh-huh?" said Ted faintly, but enough to break the silence.

Of course, Shawn immediately recognized that it was a rather satirical attack on his behavior. He pursed his lips and cleared his throat. "Grandpa, I’m not a child anymore. Why do you and mom treat me so every day?" he replied.

It had been a bit of a habit for him to simply act casually whenever he felt he was in trouble to try and negate whatever Ted had against him. And somehow, it always worked. But not this time, the more he acted that way, the more his grandfather got interested in questioning him.

Ted snorted as he felt as if he was blinded by the guts of this kid. "If I don’t pay attention to you, you always make some sort of trouble for me."

"Grandpa…" Shawn replied, followed by a long pause. He, too, wore a rather impatient look on his face as if to reciprocate his grandfather’s vibe. He let out a deep sigh, and decided not to bother explaining his side.

The conflict didn’t seem to end well, so Windy took advantage of the silence to save themselves of the trouble before all hell broke loose. "Grandpa, we have waited for so long. Look, the food’s getting cold. Let’s have dinner now, shall we?"

Ted knew that she was making an obvious excuse to defend Shawn, so he didn’t have a choice but keep his annoy

ance at bay. He then ordered for Shawn to meet him in the study after dinner.

Shawn glanced at Windy with a cold look, like she was nothing to him but a stranger. No word came out of anyone’s mouth as they began to eat in silence.

Without even looking directly at him, Windy noticed how he glanced at her with such penetrating chillness in the eyes. She steeled herself and endured it quietly. She thought that now was not the time to give up on him. At least not yet.

Through it all, she could only remind herself time and time again, ‘Windy, you have to grow stronger. That way, not even he can hurt you.’

Indeed, she thought, she had no one to rely on in times like this but herself. No matter the situation, she had to be strong.

Dressed in an elegant crimson silk nightgown, Windy dried her hair and walked out of the bathroom. The moment she saw Shawn forcefully push the door open and come rushing in, she stood still as if being frozen in place in the midst of drying her hair. Such a moment of surprise didn’t last long, as the intemperance of annoyance enveloped her being.

Only she and no one else was well aware of her own jealousy. Not only did he choose to see her sister first, but actually planned to stay with her late at night. If it happened that her mother-in-law hadn't called him, he might have not come home at all.

She spent a good chunk of her time pondering about this with such aggrieved look on her face. She couldn’t even voice out the fact that her husband was out there to find another woman. Such notion alone made her heart bleed.

However, he couldn’t see where he went wrong at all. He could only smile as he noticed how his wife had been avoiding him. He bravely walked over to her, and made sure his tone would come out cold enough to pierce her heart. "Windy, you’re really good at pretending, aren’t you?"

She looked at him with a frown. Such vague statement left her dumbfounded.

"What you did totally contradicted with what you had said before. No one can compare with you!" On top of his rude manner, irony filled his words.

She could barely grasp the vague meaning behind those words. She assumed that he must have been frustrated about his conflict with his grandfather, so he came to displace that anger to her instead.

She tried her best to keep her own anger at bay, and continued to listen to him. "Spreading rumors behind my back. You’re finally showing your true colors, aren’t you?"

She looked at him with a face of absolute distaste. Soon enough, she rigorously shook her head to try and defend herself. "No, I didn’t do that!"

However, he wasn’t in the mood to believe anything she said. Instead, he continued to send her a barrage of hurtful words that pierced her like blades. "How could grandpa know that I went to see Carol if you didn’t? Windy, you’re being too cruel. Not only did you tell grandpa about it, but also asked him to forbid me from meeting Carol again. Are you happy now?"

She knew it was useless to defend herself against someone who already made up their mind to insult her. All that she could do was to let him misunderstand her as he liked.

As one would expect, this didn’t help her remedy the situation at all. Her continued forbearance and acceptance of whatever he tried to throw at her only strengthened his suspicions of her. His anger only sparked further and her patience only added fuel to the fire. His face grew more terrifying like a demon with glowing eyes and chilling aura. He proceeded to grab and pinch her neck as if preparing to strangle her to death.

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