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   Chapter 116 So Soon

Girl, Long Time No See By Mingyue Xiaotian Characters: 10092

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"Winnie and Leah are also very familiar with each other?" Asked Eric with a smile.

"Yes," Winnie nodded with a smile. "I've lived in the Great Garden for a while, and I'm quite familiar with Leah."

"Mr. Barton, you are so happy. Why do I feel that you have two sworn granddaughters?" Thinking of something, Eric looked at Mr. Barton.

"Ha-ha." hearing what Eric meant, Mr. Barton laughed, "Winnie just came to accompany me out of kindness. How dare I take Winnie as my sworn granddaughter? Don't embarrass me."

Winnie was a little embarrassed. She often came to the Rong Family just to replace Leah. Now that Mr. Barton said so, did he want her to give up?

"You must be kidding, Mr. Barton. As a junior, it's natural for me to come to see you. Leah is your sworn granddaughter, and I can also be your sworn granddaughter."

Hearing this, Mr. Barton was naturally happy. The eldest daughter of the Tang family, he wanted to get close to her. He had been a businessman all his life, who didn't w

his chopsticks in horror, stood up and hugged Leah.

"It hurts."

"How is that possible?" Charlie picked up Leah and went upstairs. "Tom, call the doctor."

Leah felt a sharp pain in her heart and couldn't breathe. Her lips turned purple.

"Leah, hold on. The doctor will be here soon."

"Mr. Charlie, the doctor is here." Tom opened the door and two men in white coats stood behind him.

"Come on in."

The two doctors walked quickly into the room and saw Leah's condition. They opened the medicine box, took out a white pill and fed it to her.

Soon, Leah's pain disappeared and she lay on the bed, sweating.

"Have a good rest, Miss Leah." The two doctors were calm and expressionless.

Charlie frowned "So soon?"

"Miss Leah hasn't taken medicine on time recently, so she is in such a situation. This time, the consequences are relatively light. I hope Miss Leah can take medicine on time every day."

Leah gritted her teeth and wiped the sweat on her forehead. Her heart sank.

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