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   Chapter 46 Plagiarism

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On the second day, Leah got up early. Today was the day for the assessment of the project plan. She had revised all the questions put forward by Lucian, hoping to be selected today.

"Why do you get up so early?" Lucian lazily opened her eyes and looked at the woman who had already stood up.

"Today's plan assessment." Leah replied and put on the last dress.

"You don't need to go to work until half past nine. It's useless for you to get up so early." Lucian took the phone on the bedside table. It was only half past seven.

"I have to go through my plan again and find out if there is anything wrong." She put on her slippers and was about to stand up to go to the bathroom, but was stopped by a big hand.

"What?" Puzzled, Leah looked at the man on the bed. His well-built chest made her blush.

"I'll go to the company with you today." Lucian smiled.

"You haven't recovered yet." Leah frowned, with worry in her almond eyes.

"Worried about me? Huh? " Lucian exerted all his strength, and Leah rested her head on his chest.

Leah felt that her head touched his wound and hurried to get up, but she was held tightly by his slender and powerful hand.

"Lucian, you..."

"When will your friend leave?" Lucian looked at the fluffy head in front of him and sighed.

"What friend?" Leah asked curiously.

"Your period." Lucian was annoyed that her period ruined such a good opportunity last night.

"Ahem!" Leah was choked. "I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth."

"A few days ago, I saw a dress in Paris on a magazine. It's already in the closet. Change it and I'll have a look." Lucian let go of her and leaned against the headboard.

Leah got out of bed and took out a black suit for women from the wardrobe. She looked at it over and over again. The elegant style looked fresh and unadorned. She looked at Lucian and asked, "is it very expensive?"

"Do you think your man will think a dress is very expensive?" Lucian said slowly, squinting at her.

Speechless, Leah looked at the man on the bed and said, "yes, you are rich. Humph."

"You are an employee of my MZ group. How can you not have a suit? And as my girlfriend, how can your suit be cheap?" Lucian raised her eyebrows, thinking about his girl's slim figure after putting on the suit.

"Yes, yes. I'll change into the clothes after washing up." Leah put the suit on the bed and went to the bathroom.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Leah put on the suit. As Lucian expected, the suit was well cut and the design was unique, making her look mature and charming, but not old-fashioned.

"What do you think?" Leah put on her coat and tied a wound, her eyes full of joy.

"It's really beautiful." Wearing a loose Pajama, Lucian looked at the woman in front of him.

"But isn't it too formal?" Leah frowned and looked down at her clothes.

"You've been working in the company for a long time, and I haven't told you about the dress problem before. Although the clothes I bought for you are beautiful, they are too short and easy to be exposed. You can only wear them in front of me in the future. You can wear suit when you go to the company. It's safe." Lucian said seriously.

"It's summer now." Leah looked at her long clothes and trousers and said, "I don't care. I have to wear skirts in the future.

his project together."

"Thank you, Miss Vivian." Leah smiled coldly.

"That's good. Let's choose Vivian as our partner in the plan. I'll send it to the CEO right away. Once it's decided, we'll start immediately. As for the plagiarism, Leah, I'll give you a chance to make up for it. Cooperate with Vivian and finish this project well." With that, Sam hurried back to his office.

"Wish us a pleasant cooperation." Vivian friendly reached out her hand to Leah.

"Miss Vivian, you are so capable. I admire you." Leah held her hand and smiled.

Walking out of the meeting room, Leah sat in her seat with a long face.

"Leah, what happened?" May frowned.

"Do you believe me?" Leah said indifferently.

"I believe you." May looked at her firmly.

"Thank you, May."

"Because I know that Vivian doesn't have much ability. She has relied on Sam for the past few years. In fact, all good planning cases are thought out by others. Sometimes, if she really can't get through it, just like today, she plagiarized others with the power of Sam." May said angrily.

"I want to be alone for a while." Leah sighed.


In the CEO Office, Lucian looked at the documents from the research and development department and frowned.

How could Vivian's name be written on little girl's design? What's more, the revised part of the plan was not reflected in it at all.

Lucian pressed the phone on the table and said, "Rain, get me the surveillance video of the meeting room of the research and development department."

Clang! Clang! Clang.

"Come in."

Lucian took a look at Rain and continued to watch the surveillance video on the computer.

"Boss, is there anything wrong?" Rain was puzzled and wondered why Lucian needed the surveillance video.

"Look at this plan." Lucian pointed at the business proposal on the table.

Rain picked up the plan and said, "it's a good plan, but there are still a few points that need to be improved."

"Little girl showed me the plan a few days ago and it has been revised."

Rain understood at once, "Plagiarism?"

"Help me check this Vivian. As for little girl, leave her alone. Just take it as if you believe that this plan was made by Vivian now."

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