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   Chapter 30 Encountering Vivian By Chance

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The weekend came soon. Although MZ group was usually very busy, they still had two days off on weekends. They had to have a good combination of work and rest.

"Bugs! Bugs! Who are you missing?"

"Hello." One of her arms stretched out from the quilt and put the phone beside her ear.

"Little lazy pig, you haven't got up yet?" Lucian said in a spoiled voice.

In a daze, Leah opened her eyes, looked at her watch and immediately woke up. "It's half past nine."

"It seems that the bed I put in your room is very good." Lucian was lost in thought.

Leah was confused, "what? What? "

"The bed is comfortable. You sleep well. I'll try it on when I go back."

"You bastard!" Leah was embarrassed. She knew he was up to no good.

Lucian said innocently, "I just want to have a try. You are too impure."

"You..." Leah was too angry to speak.

"Ha ha." Lucian chuckled.

"I'm getting up."

"Little girl, employees in MZ group will have two days' off every week. Where are you going today?" Lucian leaned against the table and looked out of the window at the night.

"Maybe go out and have a look at the gallery." Leah thought.

"Well, be careful on the way. I have given you my secondary card, haven't I? Go and buy some of your favorite clothes. I'll come back to have a check. Don't buy cheap clothes. " Lucian warned in a bossy tone.

"Got it." Leah pouted, feeling sweet in her heart.

"Lucian." Leah suddenly called his name.

"What's wrong?" Lucian asked softly.

"Is the matter in America difficult to deal with?" Leah frowned. She had been worried for so many days.

"It's okay. But we can't find the reason why some banks suddenly withdrew their investment." Lucian didn't want to hide it from her.

Leah's heart sank. "So you mean there's something wrong with the MZ group's capital chain?"

Lucian smiled, "don't worry. The capital chain will be fine for the time being. I'm ready."

"That's good." Leah breathed a sigh of relief. "Is that only the matter that the bank withdrew capital?"

"Yes, it's very strange. The cooperation with other companies has not been suspended, and the bank would rather break the contract to withdraw capital." Lucian frowned. He really couldn't figure out why the bank would do that.

Leah thought for a while and said, "Emma, have you ever thought about why the bank only withdrew capital? And where are these banks located? "

Lucian's eyes lit up and said, "Little girl, you are my goddess of luck. I have to work now."


Lucian took out the withdrawal list. Sure enough, all the banks were concentrated in one place. He thought it was time for him to go there for a walk.

After breakfast, Leah went to the shopping mall. It was a little late and she would go to the gallery in the afternoon.

In the Evergreen Mall, Leah walked slowly and looked at all kinds of clothes.

"Miss, this dress is very expensive. Please don't touch it." The saleswoman's voice interrupted Leah.

She took a fancy to a dress, which was unique in design and was not very expensive compared to other clothes.

"I just want to see the price." Leah explained.

The saleswoman looked at Leah's white shirt and blue jeans. They were obviously from the street market.

"So what? Can you afford it? " The saleswoman's eyes were full of contempt.

Leah's face darkened. "Do you know whether I can afford it or not?"

"People who can afford it don't care about the price." The saleswoman folded her arms across her chest.

Leah twitched her mouth and said, "Customers are God. Don't you know that?" She hated people who judged people by their appearance the most.

"The customer is the one who has the ability to buy things." A mocking female voice came from behind her.

"Vivian?" Leah turned around and saw a man standing next to Vivian.

"Saleswoman, I want this dress." Vivian walked over and pointed at the dress that Leah liked.

"Yes, I'll pack it for you." Hearing this, the saleswoman immediately put on a smile.

"Where is manager Sam?" Leah said with a smile.

"What manager Sam?" Vivian's face changed.

"Sam. don't you remember?" Leah pretended to be surprised.

"Who is Sam?" The man next to her said with an unhappy face.

"Sam is the manager of our department. She has a good relationship with manager Sam." Vivian held the man's arm and fawned on him.

Leah sneered. The hat was big enough.

"Really?" The man frowned.

"Of course, although she looks pure, in fact," Vivian whispered in the man's ear, "she has been with several men, and our colleagues have seen her."

The man smiled evilly and pinched V

ivian's chin, "What about you?"

"You're so annoying. I only have you." Vivian pouted.

Standing next to them, Leah felt disgusted. She wondered why the people she met were so good at acting. Charlie, Alina and now Vivian.

"Miss, your clothes have been packed." The saleswoman handed the packed clothes to Vivian and glanced at Leah with disdain.

"Let's go, honey. I want to take a walk over there." Vivian took the man's hand and left.

Leah sneered in her heart. Such an unreasonable and childish person.

Leah didn't take a fancy to other clothes. The main reason was that they were really expensive. Although Lucian gave her the secondary card, she didn't want to be with him because of his money.

"Miss, please buy a tie for your boyfriend." A sweet voice interrupted her thoughts.

"What?" Leah was a little surprised. Buy a tie for Lucian?

"My lady. The lunar July 7th is coming. Give your boyfriend a tie as a gift. " The saleswoman was very enthusiastic.

The lunar July 7th is coming? Too many things had happened recently, and she had already forgotten it. Besides, she didn't know whether Lucian would come back or not on the lunar July 7th.

Seeing that Leah was a little hesitant, the saleswoman continued, "Actually, the gift is a gift. No matter where the other party is, it doesn't matter as long as the gift is received."

"Yes, you are right." Leah smiled and looked at the ties carefully.

"This one." Leah pointed at a sapphire blue tie.

This tie was pure sapphire blue, solemn and steady, and looked very young. It should be suitable for Lucian.

"Miss, you have a good taste. This is the new product of our shop."

"Really?" Leah smiled.

"Yes, this tie is made by the famous designer, Barry. It's called the light of God."

"Then this one. Please pack it up."

"Okay." The saleswoman beamed.

But when she paid the bill, she was stunned. 250 thousand for a tie? 250 thousand? Anyway, she was going to buy something for Lucian with Lucian's money. She had to be calm.

It was already noon when Leah went out of the mall. She took a tie worth 250 thousand and carefully took a taxi, ready to go back to the Great Garden.

In the Great Garden, when Hugh saw Leah, he walked up to her.

"Did Miss Leah buy something?" Hugh saw the box in Leah's hand.

"Yes, I bought it for Lucian." Leah replied.

"Then Mr. Lucian will be very happy if he knows it." Hugh smiled.

"I hope so."

"What would you like for lunch, Miss Leah?" Asked Hugh.

Leah thought for a while and said, "Rice is fine. You can cook as many dishes as you like. Don't make too much. I can't eat much. It's a waste to cook too much."

"Yes, ma'am."

Leah went upstairs with the tie in her arms. The joy on her face could not be concealed.

"Bugs! Bugs! Who are you missing?"

Leah picked up the phone, "Emma, Lucian, why are you calling? It should be midnight in America. "

"I just miss you all of a sudden." Lucian said in a hoarse voice.

"Have a good sleep." Leah frowned and looked worried.

"I just want to hear your voice. Well, I'm going to sleep. Is it noon over there? Have a good lunch." Lucian rubbed her eyes and looked tired.

"Okay, I'll hang up." Leah paused for a moment and said, "I miss you too."

Looking at the phone, Lucian thought of the shy look of the little woman, and the tiredness in his eyes decreased a little.

Looking at the tie in her hand, Leah's almond eyes lit up. Whether he could come back or not, she must let him know her feelings.

On the other side, Vivian was having dinner with that man in a high-end restaurant.

The man answered a phone call halfway.

"Bess, something happened in the company. I can't accompany you this afternoon." The man said apologetically.

"It's okay. Go to the company first. I know you are busy." Vivian said thoughtfully.

"Bess, you are so kind." The man smiled.

"Of course I'm fine. But you said you would accompany me this afternoon. Now you can't accompany me. I want you to give me a gift as a compensation." Vivian acted like a spoiled child.

With a doting look on his face, the man said, "okay. What do you want?"

"SWAROVSKI recently launched a crystal necklace. I like it."

"Okay, I'll buy it for you."

The man left after dinner.

Looking at the man's receding figure, Vivian's eyes showed greed. She picked up her bag, stood up and was about to leave.

"I'm sorry." A woman in a hat bumped into her.

"Why don't you watch out when you walk?" Vivian said angrily.

"I'm sorry." The woman raised her head.

Vivian was shocked and then ecstatic. "Are you Alina? "

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