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   Chapter 28 Brother And Sister

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In the next few days, Leah quickly got to know a colleague of a department. Since the last time in the canteen, Vivian had never taken her seat. Instead, she had been making trouble at work, asking her to deal with double documents and pick out different pieces of them from the documents she had handled. Leah sniffed at this little trick. Anyway, no matter how hard Vivian made things difficult for her, she could always follow it. But it was a little bit annoying.

In the evening, Lucian came to pick her up as usual.

In the car, Leah rubbed her aching eyes.

"Little girl, are you too tired recently?" Lucian was a little worried.

"No. don't think too much. Don't interfere in my work." Leah frowned, afraid that he would tell the manager something tomorrow.

Lucian said helplessly, "okay. What do you want to eat tonight?"


After dinner, they went back to the Great Garden together.

"Little girl, I'm going on a business trip to America tomorrow." Lucian hesitated for a while and said.

"Tomorrow? So suddenly. " Leah looked at him in a daze.

"Yes, something happened in America. I have to go there."

Leah felt a little disappointed, "What about Rain? Will he go with you? "

"No, he won't. I'll keep him here. If you have anything, you can call Hugh and Rain."

"When will you leave? I'll see you off. "

Lucian smiled, "I'll leave tomorrow morning."

On the early morning of the second day, Leah and Lucian arrived at JY International Airport, and Rain also arrived at the airport early.

"It's good to have a girlfriend. No one came to see me off before." Lucian sighed.

"Who is your girlfriend?" Leah said coquettishly.

Lucian held her in her arms peremptorily and said in a low voice, "Little girl, who do you think is my girlfriend?" Then he bit her earlobe.

"Hurry up." Leah blushed.

"I'm so sad that you drove me away. Little girl, wait for me. If nothing goes wrong, I'll be back in about a week." Lucian was reluctant to leave.

"Okay, I'll wait for you."

They looked at each other and smiled. Leah watched his tall and straight figure walk into the security checkpoint.

"Ah, it's really a display of affection, torturing me to be single." Rain, who had been silent all the time, suddenly sighed.

"Rain, let me introduce one to you." Leah teased.

"Okay, let me have a taste of love." Rain looked expectant.

"Ha ha, let's go."

The busy day passed quickly. After work, Leah picked up her phone naturally. It suddenly occurred to her that Lucian was not here today. When she was about to put down her phone, she saw a message from Lucian.

"Little girl, remember to eat on time."

Leah bit her lips and replied, "You too."

"Hey, boyfriend?" Seeing the sweet smile on Leah's face, May leaned over and looked at her phone.

Leah turned off the message in a hurry, "Gossiping about me again."

"Hey, Leah, are you free tonight? Let's have dinner together, okay? My parents are not at home today. I'm the only one at home. " May pouted.

"Okay, let's go together." Leah packed up her things.

"Really? Let's go to eat hot pot, okay? " May's eyes lit up.

Leah said helplessly, "it's so hot in summer now. I know there's a restaurant with delicious noodles and the price is reasonable. Do you want to have a try?"

"Okay, I like noodles very much." May came to her senses.

"It's a little far from the old street. Let's take a bus." Leah suggested.

"Yes, it's very close to my home. We can go home after dinner."

In the Zhang' restaurant on the old street, Leah and May found an empty seat and sat down.

"Leah, you haven't been here for a long time. What do you want to eat today?" Uncle Zhang recognized Leah.

"What do you want to eat, May?" Leah asked.

"I'll eat whatever you like. I don't know which noodles are more delicious."

"Uncle Zhang, two bowls of noodles with braised pork." Leah looked at uncle Zhang.

"Okay, wait a moment."

Seeing uncle Zhang walk into the kitchen, May asked curiously, "'Leah, does the boss know you?"

"Yes, I used to come here to eat noodles. It's very cheap."

"Oh," May nodded and looked around at the guests. "There are so many people. The business is good."

"Yes, uncle Zhang's noodles are not only delicious, but also chea

p. So you see, though this restaurant is small, it's very popular."

"Leah, I've always been curious. Vivian has been against you. Aren't you angry?" May frowned.

"I joined the company suddenly, and there are a lot of jealous people. Vivian aims at me just to suppress my arrogance, and she is not too much. I will take it as a training ability." Leah smiled.

"You are really broad-minded."

"Here comes the noodles." The waiter brought two bowls of noodles, which smelled good.

"Have some noodles." Leah smelled the meat in her bowl.

"It smells so good." May picked up a pair of chopsticks.

"'Leah, she is not going too far now, but I can't guarantee that she will not go too far in the future. If one day she goes too far to bully you, you must fight back."

Seeing that May was like a fighter, Leah smiled and said, "I know."

"It smells good." May said with satisfaction.

"We'll come here more often."


After dinner, Leah said goodbye to May and was about to take a taxi back to the Great Garden. After all, the bus didn't pass by there.

"Leah." A cold voice came to her ears.

"Charlie?" Leah turned around and was surprised to see the man in front of her.

After leaving the hospital, Charlie came to the old street every night. Although he was disappointed to see that there was no light in Leah's apartment, he still waited.

"Let's talk." Charlie held Leah's hand.

Leah got rid of his hand and said coldly, "I have nothing to talk with you, right? Mr. Charlie. "

"Nothing to talk about? Then why did you visit me in the hospital that day? " Charlie clenched his fists.

"Mr. Charlie, if what happened that day brings you any inconvenience, I'm sorry. I'm not a heartless person. I not only visited you that day, but also grandfather." Leah said calmly.

"Grandpa? What a close call! " Charlie sneered.

"I'm the sworn granddaughter of Mr. Barton. We are brother and sister." said Leah.

Charlie felt that the word "brother and sister" was like an awl piercing into his heart.

"Brother and sister?"

"So, Mr. Charlie, or brother, I'm going home. Goodbye."

"Isn't your home here? Where are you going? " Charlie held her hand.

"the Great Garden." Leah spit out two words.


"Mr. Charlie, what's wrong with you today? We have already broken up peacefully. What do you mean? Don't you hate me? Let go of me. I don't want others to misunderstand me. " Leah looked at Charlie in confusion.


"Leah Ye, you shameless woman!"

Leah turned around and saw Alina standing not far away. She felt a headache.

Alina rushed over and pushed her hand away.

"Why are you here? Follow me? " Anger rose in Charlie's eyes.

"Charlie, since you left the hospital, you haven't been home every night. So you have come to see her?" Alina sobbed with tears in her eyes.

"Miss Alina, I just met Mr. Charlie. He didn't look for me. Please don't get me involved." Leah looked coldly at the two people in front of her.

"You are such a haunting woman. You have been with Lucian. Why do you still bother Charlie?" Alina clenched her fists, her eyes filled with hatred.

"I didn't badger him. You had a good performance at the engagement ceremony. Are you going to play another one today?" Leah sneered.

"No, Leah, listen to me." Asked Charlie anxiously.

"Charlie, don't you love me anymore?" Standing in front of Charlie, Alina was on the verge of breaking down.

Leah cast a cold glance at them, hailed a taxi and left.

Seeing that Leah had left, Charlie was furious. He pushed away the woman in front of him and asked, "what the hell do you want to do?"

"Charlie, do you regret it? You called her name on the bed, and now you are looking for her. Are you in love with her? " Alina's delicate face had already been ruined by tears.

"Who do you think you are? A liar, a woman who came out of the slum and followed countless men. Who do you think you are? " Charlie pinched her neck.

Panic flashed through Alina's eyes. "Charlie, I really love you."

"What you love is the status you will get after you marry me." Charlie sneered.

"No! No!"

"Now, go back. I don't want to see you." Charlie let go of her, turned around and drove away.

"Leah Ye, I'll ruin your reputation tomorrow."

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