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   Chapter 27 A Warm Night

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Six o'clock in the afternoon was the closing time of MZ city.

"'Leah, don't you leave?" May frowned at the busy Leah.

Leah raised her head from a pile of documents and said, "May, you can leave now. I want to finish these documents first."

"Well, I'm leaving now. Don't go home too late. It's not safe." May picked up her bag on the table and turned to Leah.

"Okay, bye."


Looking at the pile of documents in front of her, Leah felt a little headache. It was her first day to work today, and she was not familiar with the company's affairs. Vivian had given her so many documents and said that they would be used at the meeting tomorrow. She couldn't go home tonight.

Looking at her colleagues leaving one after another, Leah sighed in her heart. She didn't need to think about anything. It was better to work as soon as possible. Vivian knew what she was doing. It was her first day to work, but it was not difficult for her to sort out some documents.

It was getting dark. Leah was still working on her files.

In the CEO Office, Lucian put down her pen and looked at her watch. It was almost seven o'clock. Thinking that he would have dinner with Leah in the evening, his tiredness was swept away.

There was a knock on the door.

"Let's go for dinner." Lucian stood at the door with the car key in his hand.

"I have some documents to deal with. Can you wait for a moment?" Leah glanced at Lucian and then buried herself in the documents.

Seeing the one foot high documents on the table, Lucian frowned unhappily, walked to the table and looked through them.

"There are so many documents. Are you going to finish them tonight?"

"Yes, Vivian said they would be used at the meeting tomorrow." Leah reached for a folder.

"But these documents are not urgently needed tomorrow. Is she deliberately targeting you? I'll tell her tomorrow." Lucian squinted dangerously.

Leah raised her head and said, "no, no matter she is against me or not, as a newcomer, I should obey the orders of my superior, not to mention that she just asked me to sort out documents, not anything else. It's not good for me to fight with her from the beginning."

Lucian was lost in thought and still looked pale.

Leah pulled out a chair and held his hand to let him sit down. "And you, just wait here for a moment. I'll be fine soon. How can these questions bother me?"

"Let me help


Leah blushed and dodged him in a hurry. She looked at the maid who was smiling beside her and asked, "what are you doing? There are so many people here. "

Lucian was unhappy and held her waist. The distance between them was zero in an instant. "Don't hide from me."

Leah looked at him angrily.

"Open your mouth and try this." Ignoring her angry face, Lucian picked up a piece of chicken and put it into her mouth.

"I have goose bumps. I want to pick them up myself." Leah turned her face away.

Hearing the coquetry in an angry tone, Lucian felt happy and stopped forcing her.

After the meal, Leah felt a little full.

"Are you full?" Lucian touched her bulging belly.

Leah slapped his hand away and said, "I'm going back to sleep."

"Little girl, it's not good for your health to eat so much at night without exercise." Lucian said seriously.

"Then I'll go for a walk later." It was not too late anyway. It would be nice to have a walk in the yard.

"Don't bother." Lucian whispered in her ear, "Don't bother at night. We can ..."

Leah knew what he meant, so she pushed him away and said, "Bastard."

Looking at the figure running upstairs, Lucian laughed.

Leah ran back to her room and squatted down slowly against the door.

She could feel that Lucian was nice to her, but why was she? Just like the [罂粟], she was poisoned and fell in love with someone. No matter what would happen in the future, at least she was happy now, which was enough. She was too eager for warmth. There was no doubt that she would fall in love with someone who treated her like this.

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