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   Chapter 26 The First Day To Work

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Leah had almost recovered from her cold. She told Lucian and decided to go to work the next day, which happened to be on Monday.

Early in the morning, Leah changed her formal clothes and went to the company by bus. Lucian had planned to let her go with her, but because of the bad influence, she decided to take a bus.

"Everyone, stop your work. A new member of our department is here today. Welcome, Miss Leah." The one who spoke was the manager of the research and development department, Sam. he was about forty years old and 1.7 meter tall. His round body was a little fat. He looked simple and honest, but the shrewdness in his eyes could not be ignored.

"Hello, everyone. My name is Leah Ye. Nice to meet you." Leah stood beside Sam, neither humble nor pushy.


"Welcome." The others answered with a fake smile.

"Well, Leah, your seat is over there. I'll ask Vivian to arrange your work and you get started as soon as possible. Well, let's work." Taking a look at Vivian, Sam turned around and went back to his office.

"Hello, I'm Vivian, the leader of the research and development team." Vivian walked up to Leah, smiled politely and reached out her hand.

"Hello." Leah looked at the woman in front of her up and down. She was tall and slim, and her short hair looked simple and fresh, but the smoky makeup on her face was a little unnatural.

"I heard that you are a top student of the Wilson University. This time, you are recommended by the president of FT technology company, Angus. I think Miss Leah's ability should not be underestimated." Vivian's tone was somewhat disdainful and contemptuous.

"It's my honor to be recommended by Mr. Angus. As for whether I am competent or not, I have to test it at work." Leah smiled.

"Now that Miss Leah said so, please do your work as soon as possible." Vivian picked up a stack of documents on the table and handed them to Leah.

"Yes." Leah took the document and sat down.

In the past, Leah had read some materials about the MZ group. Now she was reading these documents. Although she was not used to it, at least she had been mentally prepared before.

"Hey, Leah." Leah turned around and saw a little girl wearing her hair in a bob. She looked naughty and lovely with a kind face.

"Hello." Leah greeted politely.

"Hello, my name is May. Are you really rec

u some food. Please calm down first."

"Humph!" Vivian gritted her teeth and sat down resentfully.

"Leah, what's wrong?" May fetched some food and found Leah. She looked around and was confused.

"It's okay. I was just robbed of my seat." Leah looked at Vivian.

"Oh, then let's look for another table. You'd better not provoke Vivian. She has a powerful background." May took the plate and sat down in an empty seat.


"Manager Xia. She has an affair with Manager Xia. When I first entered the company, she gave me a hard time. We'd better not provoke her. The less trouble the better."

"Okay, let's eat." Leah thought for a while and then smiled.

In the hospital.

"Charlie, I bought your favorite salmon. Have some." Alina looked at the man fawningly.

"I don't like salmon. What's more, I'm injured. How could you want me to eat raw food?" The disgust in his eyes was obvious.

"It's my fault. What do you want to eat? I'll go buy it. " Alina took the salmon away in a hurry.

"I don't want to see you. Get out of here." Charlie's voice was as cold as ice.


"Fuck off!"

"Then have a good rest."

Charlie looked at the lily on the table. No matter how beautiful the flowers were, they would wither, unless they were planted in the soil and taken good care of.

Alina walked out of the ward with a horrible look on her beautiful face.

She left the hospital and went to the photo studio.

"Miss, what can I do for you?"

"Make ten copies of these photos for me."

Leah, I will ruin your reputation.

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