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   Chapter 24 Little Girl, Don't Cry

Girl, Long Time No See By Mingyue Xiaotian Characters: 9156

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In the evening, Lucian put off his work and went back to the Great Garden early.

"Sir, you are back." Seeing that Lucian's car stopped at the door, Hugh hurried to greet him.

"Where is Leah?"

"Miss Leah refused to come out of her room. She didn't have lunch either. Please go and persuade Miss Leah. It's not good for her stomach." An anxious look appeared in Hugh's eyes.

"I see." Lucian frowned. Didn't she have lunch? Why did she lock herself in the room?

He went straight upstairs. Leah's room was next to his.

"Little girl, are you there?" Lucian knocked on the door.

The answer was silence.

"I know you are here." Lucian pushed the door open and saw the scene in front of him. His heart skipped a beat.

The temperature of the air-conditioner in the room was very low, and Leah curled up in the corner motionlessly.

"Little girl, what's wrong?" Lucian was a little flustered and hurriedly carried Leah to the bed.

"Go away." Leah mumbled weakly with a red face.

Lucian touched Leah's forehead and panicked, "Why is it so hot? Little girl, wake up. "

"Hugh, call the doctor."

Half an hour later, Leah was put on a drip on the bed.

"Mr. Lucian, Miss Leah just caught a cold. It's not a big deal, but she has an old disease, a severe cold in the spleen, stomach and womb, and some malnutrition. This cold is not only caused by the low temperature in the room this afternoon. In recent days, Miss Leah has caught a cold, but she didn't pay attention to it. She must have a good rest, or I'm afraid there will be a big problem. " Doctor Ye sighed. The girl in front of her was so young and weak.

"Thank you, doctor." Lucian nodded slightly.

"This way, please." Hugh sent the doctor away.

Lucian sat on the edge of the bed and slowly held her slender hand, with a complicated look in his eyes.

"You are all liars, liars..." Leah murmured with tears in her eyes.

Looking at her haggard little face, Lucian felt very sorry for her. He bent over and kissed her mumbling little mouth, "Don't cry, my little girl." A big hand gently wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

"Bang!" a soft hand slapped on Lucian's face, and then she struggled.

"No, it's so cold. brother L, help me. Mom, where are you? Boo... Hoo... " Leah cried even harder as if she had a nightmare.

Lucian felt a sharp pain in his heart. He hugged her slender body and kept coaxing, "Little girl, I'm your brother L. I'm back. Don't cry, okay?"

"Waah..." Leah hugged Lucian tightly and cried even louder, "brother L, you're finally back. They all bullied me. Waah... It's so cold. I don't want to stay in the ice house. It's so dark, so cold... Waah..."

Lucian held her tighter and said, "Little girl, do

ead uneasily and stuck out her tongue.

"Is it delicious?" The smile in Lucian's eyes went straight to the bottom of his heart. His little girl was so cute. She was even so cute when eating noodles.

"Okay." Leah licked her lips and savored the delicious food.

In Lucian's eyes, this move was undoubtedly a flirtation. He tightened his lower abdomen and kissed her red lips.

"Well, what are you doing?" Leah opened her mouth and said. Her tone was supposed to be angry, but it sounded a little coquettish.

"You are full. I haven't eaten yet." Lucian said and deepened the kiss.

"Bugs! Bugs! Who are you missing?" The phone rang and interrupted the kiss.

Leah picked up the phone and found that Lucian was staring at her discontentedly. She rolled her eyes at him and took a deep breath, "Hello?"

"Leah, I'm going back to America." A cold voice came from the other end of the line.

"Why do you want to go back? Didn't you say that you wouldn't go back?" Leah didn't want Shelly to leave. She had a lot of things to deal with these days, so she didn't have the time to contact Shelly.

"Something happened in the lab. I need to go back to have a look. Are you with Lucian?"

"Yes. Be careful. Have a good trip."

"Little girl." Lucian pouted and looked at Leah with grievance.

Leah put down the phone, looked at the man in front of her, and kicked him, "Wash the dishes."

At the JY International Airport, Shelly Su appeared at the gate of the airport in a fiery red dress. The data in the research room had been hacked, so she had to go back and have a look.

Suddenly, several men in black rushed up from behind and covered Shelly's mouth and nose when she was not noticing.

"HMM..." Shelly felt dizzy and then lost consciousness.

A black handbag was left at the gate of the airport.

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