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   Chapter 21 I Only Care About You

Girl, Long Time No See By Mingyue Xiaotian Characters: 8255

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Late at night, the Wilson City was still full of lights. Charlie came out of the bar and drove aimlessly on the street.

Some of the stores were still open, and a song named You.

"How many times shall I meet you before I can forget you?

How many times shall I refuse you before I won't remember you.

You are everywhere in this city, but where are you?

The world is all about you. It turns out that you live in my heart."

He thought, 'I'm really drunk. There are only a few people on the street. No matter how hard I look at them, they are all Leah.'

He hadn't seen her face carefully for two years. He didn't remember whether her eyes were single-fold eyelids or double-fold eyelids, and whether her lips were thin or thick. He only remembered that it was an impeccable and stunning face.

He was annoyed. He pushed her away with his own hands, and now he was thinking about her crazily. Why? He hated her so much. A woman born in an orphanage didn't deserve his love.

He drove faster and faster on the street in the Chevrolet.

At the crossroad, a truck was driving at a moderate speed. The driver looked very tired. He slowly closed his eyes and ignored the red light in front.

"Bang!" with a loud noise, the Chevrolet got under the wheels of the truck. A limited edition sports car was immediately out of recognition.

On the second day, Lucian took Leah to the ice rink.

A gust of cold wind blew in the ice rink. Leah tightened her clothes and said awkwardly, "I don't know how to skate."

"I was going to teach you how to ski, but the ski resort doesn't open until November. I'll take you there then."

Lucian went to the lounge and fetched two pairs of ice skates. They changed their shoes and entered skating rink.

"Come on, girl. Hold the handrail and slide slowly." Lucian held the other arm of Leah carefully.

Leah lowered her head, watching her feet slowly separated into two lines. Then she slowly raised her head and looked around the ice rink.

There were many people on the big ice rink, but there were not many beginners like her. Many of them were couples. It was really romantic to skate together.

She looked at Lucian next to her. He was carefully supporting her. His eyes were full of concentration. Suddenly, he turned his head and met her eyes. She wondered if they were a couple.

Looking at the little head turning to him, Lucian was in a good mood with her watery eyes staring at him. With a smile a

"Then change it."

"Okay. My little girl said to change it. I allow you to put on your underwear. Go ahead." Lucian looked at Angus with tolerance.

"I hate you." With a sad face, Angus slowly took off his clothes and walked to the ice rink.

Looking at the figure of Angus on the ice rink, Lucian felt a little regretful. "I should have let him wear a dress. Don't look at him. His figure is not as good as mine. He doesn't look good."

Leah, who was bending over the window and looking at Angus with interest, was speechless when she heard this.

After a while, Angus came back with a very long face.

The ice rink was so cold that all the people around were staring at him. It was so humiliating.

Lucian coughed and said calmly, "Angus, I did this for your own good. It's good for your health."

Angus was so angry that the girl, who had been silent all the time, laughed. "Angus, I didn't expect you to be so resistant to cold."

"Yes, I am." Angus gritted his teeth.

"Then you'd better do this more in the future."

"What do you want me to do?"


Well, Leah felt that they were not talking about the same thing.

At noon, Angus took the girl away. Lucian and Leah found a restaurant near the ice rink.

"Why do I feel that Angus has a close relationship with that girl?" Leah asked in confusion.

"Yes, the girl's name is Zoe. A year ago, she was rescued by Angus in Mediterranean. I guess she followed him later." Lucian was lost in thought.

"Oh, I see. It's strange. I think that girl is very kind. I like her very much."

"Like her? Don't worry. You will see each other again because of Angus. "

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