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   Chapter 20 Aurora

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In the evening, Angus invited Lucian and Leah to his house for dinner.

As soon as he entered the room, Angus gave Leah a big hug and glanced at the dark face of Lucian, his eyes full of complacency.

"Hello, Mrs. Mu."

"I'm not Mrs. Mu. My name is Leah, Mr. Angus." Ignoring Lucian's darkened face, Leah smiled gently.

"Wow, wow, wow, Lucian, you haven't caught up with Miss Leah yet, ha ha." Angus teased.

Lucian cast a cold glance at Angus, which made him shut up immediately.

Angus glanced at Lucian carefully and said, "allow me to say something. Miss Leah, my surname is not Angus. My surname is very long. You can just call me Angus."

Now it was Leah's turn to be embarrassed. "Well, I'm sorry, Angus."

"It doesn't matter. Come on, I have made the Northeast cuisine today. Come and have a taste."


Looking at the two people who were walking towards the dining room with their back to him, Lucian gritted his teeth and thought, 'I just kissed her in the afternoon and almost lost control. But it's not a big deal. How could she get angry? Humph, woman.'

On the table, Lucian was still wearing a long face. Angus guessed what was going on when he saw that.

Angus rolled his eyes and picked up a piece of bones cooked in northeast style for Leah. "Leah, do you know that before Lucian met you, he was still a virgin?"

Leah was surprised. If she remembered correctly, Lucian was 28 years old.

"A man in his early thirties is still so innocent. And Rain, you know, when MZ group was set up, he has been with Lucian all the time, never giving up. So I suspected that he was a gay before." Angus said seriously, with a hint of ridicule in his eyes.

Lucian's face darkened. Leah? They just met once. How could they be so familiar with each other? 'How dare you reveal my secret? Angus, you are asking for punishment.'.

Ignoring his darkened face, Leah asked in shock, "Rain?"

"Don't worry. Although Lucian used to be crooked, now he is straightened out by you. Don't worry. He is very faithful. I heard that he has a girlfriend who saved his life. He has been looking for her for thirteen years." Angus looked at Lucian, thinking about something.

Leah gasped for breath. It had only been a few days, but she almost forgot it. How could he be faithful to her since he chose her? Or was she just a substitute?

"Shut up!" Lucian's heart sank when he saw Leah's drooping eyelids.

Angus shrugged and said nothing.

After dinner, Angus was going to discuss something with Lucian. Leah sat on the sofa and watched TV.

They went to the study. Angus's study was on the first floor.

"Lucian, if I'm not wrong, Miss Leah is the girl you are looking for." It was not a question, but a statement.

Lucian acquiesced.

Angus smiled, "I know what you mean. I can help her, but I have a condition."

Lucian frowned and saw Angus take out a book from the bookshelf with a photo in it.

"This woman's name is Zoe Bai." Angus took out the photo and put it on the table. In the photo, there was a girl with a telescope. She looked like Leah, but was in the scholar's style.

"You want me to find her?"

"No, she is in Mohe County now. I want you to help me find her daughter."

"Give me her information."

"No information. I saved her in Mediterranean a year ago. She was suffering from Selective Amnesia at that time. She only remembered that her name was Zoe Bai and she was engaged in astronomy. Later on, I started to investigate her, but she still had no clue about her origin. However, I found that she had given birth to a child, and this child is now in China."

Lucian gave Angus a meaningful look and said, "okay."

"Thank you."

In the living room, Leah was idly browsing TV programs.

"Leah, are you bored waiting for us?" Angus came over with a smile.

"Have you finished?"

"Well, I'll take you to a good place." Angus smiled mysteriously.

"Let's go." Lucian held Leah's hand.

Leah tried to get rid of his grip, but failed. Angus snickered.

They went down the spiral staircase to the second floor underground. Leah was surprised. The whole passage was made of metal, and it was a transmission belt.

"Stand firm." Angus pressed the button on the wall and the teleportation belt began to move slowly and then speed up.

Leah thought it w

as amazing that what she saw in the movie actually happened in reality.

About fifteen minutes later, they stopped. Angus took them to an elevator. Leah felt a little flustered. It was the second floor underground, so it shouldn't take her so long to get to the ground.

"Well, here we are."

When they arrived at a small house, Angus opened the door and it was suddenly enlightened.

They came to the top of a mountain, on which there was snow. It was not until then that Leah saw the house clearly.

The house was surrounded by lights, as if it was daytime. The color of the house was snow white, and it was integrated with snow.

"There will be a polar light tonight. Wait for me. I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now." Angus left.

"Back to your senses." Lucian looked at the little woman who was still in shock and said helplessly.

"Oh my God! I have personally experienced the scene in the movie."

"Little girl, in fact, this thing existed many years ago." Lucian touched her nose.

"Are these all designed by Angus?" Leah said with admiration in her eyes.

Lucian nodded, "Yes. He is a genius in technology. If it weren't for the limited conditions here, he wouldn't have done such a low level thing."

Leah suddenly felt like a frog in a well. Low level?

"Well, let's wait for the polar lights to appear," Lucian touched her head and held her in her arms.

"Will there really be tonight? It's hard to meet the aurora. "

"Trust me, there will be."

Lucian turned off the lights around the house, and the top of the mountain suddenly became dark. Leah looked up at the sky, and every star was like a gem, hanging down, making people feel that they could touch them with their hands.

The moon shone coldly. A gust of cold wind blew, and Leah unconsciously shrank into Lucian's arms.

Suddenly, a light green light rose from the night sky in the distance, like a curl of green smoke. Leah was delighted. She knew that she had seen the aurora.

The wisp of green smoke slowly dispersed, and the color began to increase. Slowly, a trace of orange appeared in the middle of the green, like the light of the morning, like a colorful silk.

Leah looked at the radiant lights in front of her in surprise, with excitement in her eyes. She had always wanted to see the aurora, but she didn't expect that it would finally come true.

Seeing the excited woman in his arms, Lucian lowered his head and kissed her tender lips.

"HMM..." Leah was startled and tried to push Lucian away, but the harder she pushed Lucian, the tighter he held her.

Slowly, Leah put down her struggling hands, put her arms around Lucian's thin waist and began to respond.

Squinting his eyes, Lucian looked at her beautiful face in front of him, intoxicated.

'Little girl, it's so good to have you.'

The aurora in the distance was still going on. At this moment, the night was deep, and love was growing.

It was dark in Charlie's private apartment. Alina was looking for something in the study.

"Crack!" the light was on. Alina hurriedly put the things in her hands into the bookshelf.

"What are you looking for?" Looking coldly at the woman half kneeling on the ground, Charlie said angrily.

"Nothing, nothing." Alina looked into his cold eyes with a guilty conscience.

"You are lying." Charlie pulled Alina up and pressed her against the wall. He pinched her slender neck and said, "tell me, what are you looking for? Looking for the information of the Glory Group and planning to sell it to others? Oh, I forgot that the big star hasn't been shooting recently. Is there no money in your pocket? "

"No, I didn't." Alina shook her head in panic, with fear in her eyes.

"No? Humph! You bitch! Did you hook up with another man recently? Are you going to steal the documents to him? " Charlie sneered, with a bloodthirsty light in his eyes.

"No, Charlie. I love you the most. How could I do such a thing?" Her little face was covered with tears.

"From now on, you are not allowed to leave this room." Charlie shook off Alina's hand and came out with a malicious face.

Alina's head hit the table, and blood flowed down her cheeks. She covered the bleeding wound with her hands, and her eyes flashed with madness. "It's all your fault, Leah. I'll ruin your reputation."

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