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   Chapter 5 Here Comes Mr. Barton

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The days in the hospital were boring. For a few days in the hospital, Leah's life was almost pale because of the white ward, the white corridor and the doctor's white uniform. Fortunately, there was a small garden in the hospital, which made her life a little bit colorful.

However, these days were not too boring. Rain came to visit her every day, and every time he came, he would bring a bunch of flowers, which were different.

As for her boss Mr. Lucian, he would send her a message every night to show his care. Such a good boss was rare to see.

As for her boyfriend, he had only called her once for so many days. She could understand that he was very busy in the Glory Group.

When Leah was sighing, she heard a gentle voice at the door, "What are you thinking about, Leah?"

Leah looked at the door. Rain was holding a large bouquet of lilies, wearing a white shirt and jeans, like a handsome brother next door. He stood at the door and looked at her with a smile.

"Rain, you are here."

"Well, are you feeling better today?" Rain put the flowers in a vase.

"I'm bored." Leah frowned and complained.

"Ha ha, hold on for a few more days." Rain grinned with eight teeth exposed.

"How is Mr. Lucian doing recently?" Looking at the lily flowers, Leah felt refreshed.

"You care about Mr. Lucian?" Rain cheered for his boss and eldest brother. The flowers he had sent for so many days were not in vain.

"He's my boss." Leah said seriously.

"He is not good." Rain suddenly became serious. He glanced at Leah and said, "He has been coughing badly recently."

"How could this be?" Worry was written all over her face.

"Maybe he's not used to the climate here. It's okay. Don't worry." Rain pretended to be relaxed.

"Unaccustomed to the climate? How could it be? " Leah frowned, her eyes full of worry.

"Don't worry. I have to go now. I'm very busy in the company these days."


Looking at the back of Rain, Leah was full of worry. Was Lucian seriously coughing?

'well, this is my boss. It's normal for me to worry about him. Besides, he's so busy in the company but he send messages to me every night.' Thinking of this, Leah felt warm. What a considerate boss!

As soon as Rain left the hospital, he called Lucian.

"Have you sent the flowers?" His voice was as cold as ever.

"Yes, I have. Miss Leah likes it very much. Miss Leah also asked about you. I said that you were not accustomed to the climate and got sick, and she looked worried."

"Really?" Lucian looked at the document in his hand and smiled slowly. It was not bad that she still cared about him.

"Brother, you asked me to send the flowers for five days. Why didn't you tell Miss Leah that it was you who sent the flowers?" Rain was confused.

"I'm her boss. Sending her flowers will inevitably make people gossip. I don't want her to be in a dilemma." Lucian lowered his eyelids.

"Well, you are so considerate." Rain teased.

"Go back to the company."


In the afternoon, the nurse came to take Leah's temperature and send her medicine as usual. Leah looked out of the window, feeling bored.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Leah looked at the door and saw that Charlie was standing at the door with an old man.

The old man was about eighty years old, but he was very energetic. Especially his eyes were deep, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised. He was born with a domineering aura.

"Miss Leah, are you feeling better?" The old man walked into the ward and sat beside the bed, looking lovingly at Leah.

"You are...?" Leah stood up and pretended to get out of bed. She couldn't be rude in front of the elders.

"Since you are sick, you should lie down well." The old man stopped her in a hurry.

"He is my grandfather, Barton Rong

." After closing the door of the ward, Charlie took a look at the old man.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Barton." Leah nodded with a smile.

Taking a glance at the ring on Leah's finger, Mr. Barton said, "I heard from Charlie that you are going to be engaged."

"Yes, I really love him, Mr. Barton." Leah thought Mr. Barton looked down upon her as an orphanage and didn't agree to their marriage.

"Still call me Mr. Barton? Call me Grandpa. "

"What?" Leah was surprised.

"Call me Grandpa. If Charlie bullies you in the future, I will help you." Mr. Barton cast a warning glance at Charlie and met his cold eyes.

Hearing this, Leah smiled shyly and blushed, "Yes, Grandpa."

"Good." Mr. Barton nodded with satisfaction.

"When are you going to hold the engagement ceremony?" Mr. Barton looked at Charlie, while Leah was too timid to say a word.

"Let's wait for Leah to leave the hospital. What's more, she hasn't graduated yet. I'm afraid it will be delayed." Charlie said coldly.

Speaking of graduation, Leah's eyes flashed and she felt guilty.

"It's easy to talk about your graduation. Don't worry, Leah. I'll call the university this afternoon to get you a graduation certificate. You'll be engaged as soon as you leave the hospital." Mr. Barton looked at Leah lovingly. Of course he knew who did this to not let her thesis pass.

"I don't think it's a good idea." Leah frowned. She didn't want others to think that she relied on connections.

"What's wrong with it? The Glory Group has the shares of the University, and Charlie's wife graduated a month ahead of schedule. Who dares to gossip about it?" There was no doubt that Mr. Barton was very domineering.

"But I still want to participate in the thesis defense." Leah was in a dilemma. She wanted to rely on her own strength.

"No problem. The graduation certificate has been issued, and you can still go to defend yourself. That's it." Said Mr. Barton in a bad tone.

"Okay." Leah had no choice but to agree.

Seeing that Leah agreed, Mr. Barton smiled and said, "well, Leah, I'm leaving now."

"Goodbye, Grandpa."

After a long silence, Charlie also stood up and said, "Leah, I'm going to see Grandpa off. I have something to deal with in the company. I'll come to see you later."


The engagement was settled, but she felt strange in her heart. She wanted to find someone to talk about it, but she couldn't find it. One of her two best friends went abroad, and the other was grounded by her father.

A cold face came to Leah's mind.

"Why do you think of the big Boss?" Leah knocked on her head.

At this time, her phone vibrated. She took a look and found that it was a message from Lucian.

"Are you feeling better today?"

Leah replied, "I'm feeling better. Thank you for your concern, but I'm not in a good mood."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going to be engaged."

In the CEO's office of the China branch of MZ Group, Lucian was looking at his phone. 'engaged?'

"Isn't it good to get engaged?" Lucian calmed down soon.

"It's not bad, but I've been waiting for someone. I don't know if it's a betrayal, but if I keep waiting, it's unfair to my boyfriend." Leah was in a dilemma.

"Do you still want to wait?"

"I don't know."

"Whether you continue to wait or choose to get engaged, I hope you won't regret it."

Leah was silent. Would she regret the engagement? She didn't know, but she didn't regret it. But after so many years, there was no news at all. Should she give up? What could he do even if he came back? She needed to cherish the man in front of her.

"Mr. Lucian, I know what to do."

In the CEO Office, Lucian stood up slowly and looked out of the French window at the heavy traffic.

He was looking for her and waiting. He had never regretted.

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