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   Chapter 4 Concussion

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In the hospital, a middle-aged doctor was examining Leah with his trembling hands. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead. He wondered why the man next to him was so frightening. He had been a doctor for twenty years, and it was the first time he had seen such a family member.

Lucian stood beside the bed with a straight face, his thin lips pursed, his eyebrows frowned and her eyes as cold as ice.

"How is she?"

Hearing the slightly murderous voice above his head, the doctor raised his head tremblingly and said, "Sir, this lady has a slight concussion. It doesn't matter. She can rest for a few days."

Seeing that the doctor was about to cry, Rain smiled and said, "Thank you, doctor. You can go out first."

The doctor ran out of the ward awkwardly and muttered in his heart, 'Nowadays young people just like to make a mountain out of a molehill.'.

Leah was lying on the bed with a long face. What a bad luck! A concussion? Are you kidding.

"Don't worry. The doctor said there was nothing serious." Looking at the bitter face, Lucian thought she was worried about her own health.

"I can't go to work for so many days." The rent would be paid soon. Although the Ye family gave her one thousand, it was only enough for her to eat. Where could she find the rent.

Looking at her sad face, Rain couldn't help smiling, "Miss Leah is so dedicated. She is a rare good employee."

"All the medical fees will be paid by the company. Your salary will also be paid for these days." Lucian saw through her mind and smiled.

Leah's eyes lit up, and her expression turned bright. "Thank you, Mr. Lucian. You are really a good boss who understands the employees."

"You are also an excellent employee." Lucian thought the little face was so lovely. She smiled and a touch of tenderness appeared on his cold face.

Rain was surprised. He knew Lucian at the age of twelve. For so many years, it was difficult for him to have any expression on his face, but today he smiled unexpectedly. This woman was not simple. But didn't brother come back to look for his wife? It was strange, and he couldn't figure out what was on his mind.

"Where is my phone?" Leah suddenly asked.

"Here." Rain picked up the phone on the table and handed it to Leah.

After hesitating for a while, Leah dialed the familiar number. "What are you doing, Charlie?"

"Have you made up your mind?" 'playing hard to get?' Charlie thought.

"Well, No. I'm in the hospital." Leah recalled her engagement yesterday.


"The doctor says I have a concussion."

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. After a while, Charlie said in a cold voice, "I'm going to see you."

"Okay." Hearing that, Leah was in a good mood.

"Miss Leah, is he your boyfriend?" Rain teased.

"Yes." Leah smiled shyly.

Lucian looked at the smile and frowned. He suddenly felt that it was so dazzling.

"Oh my God! Show off your love and torture a single man!" With a melancholy look on his face, Rain glanced at his boss and was confused. What was this expression on his face? He need to ask his brother later.

Rain picked up an apple on the table and peeled it with his slender fingers. His face was gentle and natural with a sunny smile.

Looking at Rain, Leah was sure that his smile was the warmest one that she had ever seen.

"Eat the apple. If you keep looking at me like this, someone will be angry." Rain glanced at Lucian and handed the peeled apple to Leah.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. My name is Rain Han. As your friend, you can call me Rain and I'll call you Leah. What do you think?" Ignoring someone's cold eyes, Rain tried to cotton up to Leah happily.

"Okay." Leah ate the apple happily. She had just met him, but who had the heart to refuse such a sunny and handsome warm man.

Lucian looked at Rain coldly. What did he mean? He knew he was unhappy, but he insisted on making him unhappy.

Wait. Why was he unhappy? He didn't need to be unhappy with the woman he had only met twice. How could a little kid fall in love with a man! Humph.

But to be honest, the woman's eyes were really beautiful, with standard almond core eyes and black pupils with spiritual energy, just like his little girl in childhood.

Leah liked Rain very much, but she thought it was too difficult to get close to Lucian. Although he sent her to the hospital, he was so cold that no

one dared to get close to him in such a sad environment.

Seeing that Leah and Rain were talking and laughing, Lucian was confused. On the day of the airport, he helped her up, she worked in the hotel under his command, and today he sent her to the hospital. Everything was related to him, but this woman ignored him. What did she mean?

The big Boss was depressed.

In the CEO's lounge, a man body was intertwined with a woman's, doing the most primitive exercise.



After the inappropriate scene for children ended, Charlie came out of the bed and went into the bathroom. The woman on the bed squinted at the bathroom.

After a while, Charlie came out of the bathroom. Water dripped on his strong body, making him more sexy.

He picked up the clothes scattered on the ground and put them on quickly.

"Rain, where are you going in such a hurry?" The woman slowly opened her eyes and smiled enchantingly.

"Just now, Leah called me and said that she was in the hospital. I'll go to see her. When I get her, I'll get the shares in grandfather's hands. Ha ha." after putting on his suit, Charlie turned to look at the woman on the bed and smiled wantonly. "Alina, baby, I'll change you to the member."


"When did I lie to you? Well, I'm leaving now. I'll accompany you tonight. " Charlie pecked on her lips, turned around and left the office.

The woman on the bed showed a determined smile.

"Knock, knock, knock."

When Leah was talking to Rain excitedly, she saw an elegant and cold figure appear at the door.

"Hi, Charlie." Leah smiled sweetly.

Rain raised his eyebrows and sat on the sofa wisely.

Taking a look at Rain who was walking away, Charlie walked up to him and asked, "Why did you have a concussion?"

"I bumped into a chair by accident." Leah lowered her head and clenched the quilt.

"How old are you? You always make trouble when you get up." Charlie scolded the stupid woman unhappily.

Tears welled up in Leah's eyes. She raised her head and apologized, "I'm sorry, Charlie."

"Mr. Charlie, shouldn't you care about your girlfriend's condition first?" Lucian frowned and felt a little angry. How could she fall in love with such an ungraceful man.

"Who are you?" Only then did Charlie notice a person sitting on the sofa in the ward.

"This is Mr. Lucian. He sent me to the hospital." Leah hurriedly introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Lucian." Charlie reached out his hand to Lucian and sneered.

Lucian stood up slowly and held Charlie's hand. "Nice to meet you."

"How did Mr. Lucian know that my girlfriend was injured?" Charlie raised his eyebrows and loosened his grip.

Lucian glanced at Leah, who was lying on the sickbed, and then looked at the man in front of him indifferently, "Miss Leah is a part-time employee of my company. I happened to see her during today's examination."

"What a coincidence!" Charlie's tone was hard to guess what he was thinking.

"What a coincidence!"

Charlie walked to the bedside and smiled dotingly and gently, without any warmth in his eyes. "Leah, be careful next time."

"Okay, I know." Looking at the warm smile of Charlie, Leah felt warm in her heart.

"Leah, have you made up your mind?" Charlie sat on the chair beside the bed.


"Whether you agree or not, you must marry me." Then Charlie took out the diamond ring he had prepared and put it on Leah's ring finger peremptorily.

"Don't be so domineering." Leah pretended to be angry, but her heart was filled with joy.

"If I'm not bossy, will you marry me?" Said Charlie with a smile.

Leah looked at the ring on her finger shyly and smiled sweetly.

The appearance of Charlie was the luckiest thing in her life. Although he was sometimes cold to her, he had such a character that she could accept. She liked him for two years, and marrying him was her biggest wish in the past two years.

Sitting on the sofa and looking at the shy smile, Lucian suddenly felt depressed and almost suffocated.

He stood up and said with a stiff face, "then I won't disturb the two of you." He wanted to escape from this place.

"Well, I'm leaving now. Wish you recover soon." Rain smiled at Leah and left the ward with Lucian.

"Who is he?" Asked Charlie.

"Mr. Lucian's special assistant."

Standing by the window, Charlie looked at their backs thoughtfully and smiled coldly.

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