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   Chapter 1 Returning Home

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The metal letters 'MZ' atop the headquarters of the MZ Group glinted in the sun. The impressive building, comparable to the Empire State Building, stood in the most prosperous area of the Wall Street.

The 88th floor was home to the CEO's office, which was done up in a monochromatic color scheme. The redwood desk and the pure cashmere carpet from Australia pointed to the owner's simplistic but luxurious taste in interiors.

A tall and slender figure stood brooding in front of the huge French window. He was swirling the scarlet liquid in the wine glass in his hand, and he looked lonely.

Knock! Knock! Knock! There were three raps on the door.

"Come in," called the indifferent voice in the room.

A man with seductive eyes entered with a smile on his lips.

"Mr. Lucian, here is the financial statement of the Caspar Manor, the hotel in China, which is affiliated to the MZ Group. The manager of the hotel is requesting to expand the scale of operations in China." The assistant's voice was gentle and polished.

"Well, let them submit a proposal of the expansion first. I will discuss the specifics of the plan when I go back." Lucian Mu's voice was cold and emotionless. He opened his thin lips and sipped the wine in his glass.

"Okay. I've booked your flight ticket to go back. Do you want me to inform your brother?"

"Let him come back a few days later. I guess he is very busy these days."

"Okay, sir."

"You may leave now."

The kindly assistant smiled and slowly walked out, closing the door with a soft click.

The tall figure slowly turned around and looked at the yellow painting on the desk. His beautiful features instantly softened and a glimmer of light flashed in his deep eyes. He raised his head and drank the remnants of the liquid in the glass, his Adam's apple moving sexily as he did so.

The carpet was dappled with the last rays of the sun, which filtered in through the window, adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise cold room.

"Madam, it's time to get up!"

Leah Ye turned off the alarm and stretched sleepily. She opened her eyes and sat up slowly. She had to pick up her boyfriend at the airport today.

Then she rose from the bed and went to the bathroom. After washing up, her fair skin glowed, making her look even more beautiful. Her almond-shaped eyes sparkled with vitality and joy. After a simple breakfast, she took a taxi to the airport.

Reporters had already gathered outside the airport, following the rumors of MZ's CEO Lucian Mu's arrival.

Lucian Mu kept a low profile and rarely made media appearances, so it was not easy to get a photo of him. This was a golden opportunity for the reporters to finally get a picture of him.

The sound of the airplane landing pierced the sky and the commotion at the airport gate became deafening.

"He's out! He's out!" one reporter shouted excitedly. Then the others started jostled each other to get a peek.

He finally appeared at the gate in a tailored Zegna suit, which made his lean figure appear even taller.

"Mr. Lucian, how did you create MZ in the past eight years?"

"Mr. Lucian, why did you return suddenly?"

"Mr. Lucian, MZ is now among the top ten companies in the world. What's your future plan?"

It was impossible to read the emotion in his eyes as they were covered by a pair of trendy sunglasses. Only his slightly knitted eyebrows revealed a trace of impatience, while the rest of his features remained unaffected and cool.

"Rain!" he said sharply.

Rain Han, who was standing behind him smiling, raised his eyes and said, "Okay everyone! Mr. Lucian will not be answering any questions today but you are welcome to attend the MZ Group's press conference if you are interested."

Rain Han signaled to the bodyguards on either side of them. They immediately surrounded Lucian Mu and escorted him out of the airport.

"Mr. Lucian, please..." A particularly persistent group of reporters tried

to get past the bodyguards beside Lucian Mu with little success.

Amid this chaos, a beautiful fair-skinned woman appeared at the gate of the airport. She was stunned to see the number of reporters present.

Leah Ye looked at her watch and wiped the sweat on her forehead. Fortunately, she was not late. She had encountered heavy traffic on the way here so she was worried that she might be delayed.

Leah Ye stepped past the reporters and was about to enter the arrivals hall, but she didn't expect the crowd to be so rowdy. She struggled to get out, but the harder she tried to squeeze past, the more anxious she became. Her dainty face was flushed.

Being of petite built, she almost drowned in the sea of reporters. She slipped out nimbly like a fish and was about to cross the outermost layer of the crowd when someone suddenly stepped on her foot. As the reporters pushed and shoved, she lost her balance.

Leah Ye winced. 'What's the matter with everyone? The airport is like a war-zone today.'

She was flailing backward, bracing for the pain to slam into her upon impact with the ground. However, it didn't happen. Instead she found herself in a warm embrace.

"Are you okay?" Lucian Mu asked, gazing down at her as he held her waist.

Leah Ye raised her eyes and saw an attractive face. He was frowning slightly and a pair of sunglasses was perched on his aquiline nose. He was looking at her with cool indifference.

"I'm all right. Thank you." Snapping out of her daze, Leah scrambled up to her feet quickly.

Lucian turned to the crowd of reporters and ordered, "Get out!"

He had a commanding voice and his tone was intimidating. Feeling the murderous aura emitting from him, the reporters scattered like a flock of birds.

Looking at the dispersing reporters, Leah smiled brightly at Lucian and said, "Thank you once again!" Then she dashed towards the exit gate.

Looking at the mysterious woman running away, Lucian felt a sense of familiarity. He smiled bitterly and thought to himself, 'It's impossible. I must be missing her too much.'

He composed himself and walked towards the Rolls-Royce parked outside.

Leah stood in the arrivals hall and looked around for her boyfriend. Suddenly, she saw a man in a casual white shirt at the exit. She beamed and made her way towards him.

"Hi, Charlie!" Her beautiful eyes shone with excitement.

"Mr. Charlie, is this your girlfriend?"

Leah heard a coquettish voice ask. It was only then that she noticed a gorgeous woman standing next to Charlie Rong.

"Who's this?" Leah's heart skipped a beat.

"This is my new friend, Alina, who I met abroad." Charlie put an arm around Leah and then turned to the beauty next to him. "This is my girlfriend, Leah Ye."

A friend! Leah suppressed the unhappy thought in her head and held out her hand politely. "Hello, Miss Alina! You are so beautiful."

Alina shook Leah's hand and smiled enchantingly. "Really? Mr. Charlie said so too."

The corners of Leah's mouth twitched and a lump formed in her throat.

Alina satisfactorily noted that Leah's face had turned ashen. She smiled more broadly and turned to Charlie Rong, winking at him. "See you later." Then she walked away, wiggling her sexy hips.

"All right. So who do you think is more beautiful, she or me?" Leah pouted.

"Ha-ha! Are you jealous?" Charlie Rong looked at the woman in front of him with a doting smile, but inwardly he couldn't help sneering. He didn't know why his grandfather had asked him to chase this woman. She was born in an orphanage and didn't deserve him.

"Well, jealousy only means that I love you." Leah stared back at Charlie doe-eyed.

"Whatever!" Charlie smiled and shook his head.

"Anyway, let's go and get something to eat.

I haven't had anything since this morning."

"Oh, that's not good for your stomach ache." A touch of concern and pity flashed in Leah's eyes.

Charlie then led her towards the exit.

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