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   Chapter 28 Let Me Take Care Of You

Marry A Billionaire: Love Lurks In Lies By Xia Qingnuan Characters: 3327

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:02

In the VIP ward, Hudson quietly waited by the bed, with indelible sadness in his eyes.

"Fortunately, there is nothing serious, or I will die with you."

It was the first time that he had been so sad since he was a child. He hadn't cried even when his parents had passed away. Perhaps it was because he felt there was nothing to cry, or perhaps it was because the hatred in the bottom of his heart had covered up the sadness on the surface.

"Hudson. Why are you so silly?" Leona kept looking out of the window. The golden sunlight shone in, making her face even paler.

"Well, I'm willing to do anything for you." Looking at her side face, Hudson said foolishly.

However, Leona didn't answer. She just closed her eyes and didn't look or feel anything.

Even so, Hudson still stayed with her.

For breakfast, Hudson specially went out to buy minced pork congee with preserved egg and fed her personally.

The lunch was a simple buffet in the hospital canteen.

"Thank you, Hudson

Hudson knew that she didn't want to talk, so he just waited quietly.

"Yummy stinky tofu, smelly and fragrant!"

Not far away, there was a cry of a small business man selling goods.

"Hudson, I want that one." Leona stopped and pointed at that place slowly.

"Okay, wait for me here. I'll buy it right away." Without a second thought, Hudson left.

The doctor only said that the pain was caused by the abnormality of menses, and doctor didn't say that she couldn't eat the stinky tofu.

As a man, Hudson didn't know these things about women, so he didn't ask them thoroughly. But she looked good so he didn't want to give her any sense of restraint.

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