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   Chapter 215 Bad Temper

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"In fact, I always feel that I'm not a good person. I have a bad temper and a cold personality. Hardly any people would like to make friends with me. " Jacob began to complain about himself. He was the God's favored one in others' eyes, but only he knew his own condition.

"No, you need to find your place." Omnipotent frowned. It was good to be modest, but Jacob was too modest.

"Do you think I have underestimated myself?" Jacob smiled. How could he lower himself? His was always lofty in his life, so he lost everything around him.

"As a human being, the most important thing is enjoying your life." Omnipotent gave his advice. After all, he couldn't live Jacob's life.

The sentence actually drew a perfect end for their talk. If the previous conversation was a mess, then now it was a good story.

It was rare for Jacob to meet such an interesting person. He had planned to go back earlier, but their conversation lasted until the afternoon.

Jacob was not as affectation as the other "successful people", which made him look like a serious person who could make friends with. Omnipotent had seen many wiseacres pretending to be sincere, but it was obvious that Jacob was not one of them.

No wonder James always praised him. Omnipotent's eyes were full of smile. If he was 10 years younger, maybe they could be sworn brothers with Jacob. Now they could only be friends.

After dinner, Jacob sighed, "I really didn't want to leave."

Omnipotent laughed, "Me too. You can come to drink with me when you free. "

"That's great. I'm in lack of a drinking buddy, it's good to have you drink with me. " Jacob smiled. It was really lucky for him to find a person with the same interest.

People always thought their life was unsmooth and others' life were bright and wonderful. So they tend to envy others. In fact, it was unnecessary to do that. After all, everyone had his or her own advantages and disadvantages.

People should try their best to perfect their own lives rather than envy others all day long. However, many people just couldn't realize that. They just lost themselves on the way pursuing the life of others. How could they live the lives of others if they couldn't even live their own live well?

Jacob sniffed and looked down at the Rolex watch on his wri

Some impatient ones began to complain that Jacob was trying to be a poser like those stars of the second rate. But there were still some people waiting patiently. People like Colin knew that they needed to wait before accomplish anything.

After a long time, Jacob, along with his secretary, James and some directors entered the hall. Among them, there were also the policeman. But today, due to his special identity, the policeman was not going to make any statement.

In such a company press conference, it was improper for the police to act too closely with the company. That's why the policeman chose to keep silent.

Jacob walked through the crowd of reporters with a plain face. He avoided communicating with all people around. Previously, Jacob had to show his attitude because he had to leave a good impression for the company.

But now it was unnecessary for him to do that anymore. With truth of the accident in hand, he could be the superior CEO again. He was still the top leader of the Shi Group. So he didn't have to bow to others.

As a result, he didn't pay attention to these people. As a CEO, it was the greatest etiquette for him to treat those paparazzi politely. If someone should cross the line, Jacob would not let him go.

"Today, we are holding this press conference here. We want to give an explanation on the explosion happened not long ago which has attracted much attention from all walks of life. We didn't hold the press conference until today because we were investigating the accident.

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