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   Chapter 214 Trick

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But if Omnipotent wanted to hurt him, it would be a piece of cake anyway. The case of Thompson was an example.

The world was always dangerous. It's not as peaceful as we thought. The two people who were smiling at each other had to restrain their dissatisfaction with each other because of interests, so they looked harmonious on the surface.

Jacob had seen too many of people over the years, no matter they were harmonious or planning plots in secret. There were so many things that he didn't want to mention at all. Therefore, he would always keep a backup plan for himself.

That was human nature. No one would open their heart to another. Even between lovers, they would always hide their bad side, so as not to let each other discover it all.

So it w

always people who kept asking about the meaning of life. Once they encountered painful things, many people would be crushed by the reality. After being destroyed, it was almost impossible for them to heal.

Some wounds, once festered, would never heal. That was why some people looked so strong, but in fact, they were vulnerable.

Was it a good thing or a bad thing? No one was sure. But at least it was not a good start for an individual. Fortunately, Jacob was not the kind of person who was vulnerable.

"You are much better than I expected." Omnipotent changed his smile into a serious expression. In fact, Omnipotent rarely smiled. Today was an exception.

Smile was actually a luxury for adults, especially a smile from the bottom of their hearts.

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