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   Chapter 213 Hold Back

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"Almost, but the ending was a little unexpected." Jacob looked at the large plate of beef served by the waiter. He felt like a swordsman living in ancient times, drinking wine and eating meat.

"Yes. The thing you asked me to investigate last time has been completed, so I just did a little trick. Now it's time for him to suffer." The man whose nickname was "Omnipotent" got a glass of wine for himself. It was not enough to live such a comfortable life.

"So how is he now?" Jacob squinted his eyes and looked around. He didn't know whether it was safe or not here. So he couldn't ask the question directly.

"He's exhausted. I have tampered with his purchasing channel. If he can handle it well, he might get through it. But if he can't handle it well, his company's crisis won't be better than yours now."

Omnipotent picked up a piece of beef and put it into his mouth. He had been used to the delicacies, but the food in these small restaurants was more delicious. Having been used to those precious things, he still thought ordinary beef was good enough. He already had the life that he had dreamed of, and it was so comfortable now.

It was gratifying that the life he liked was still his. No one had changed him.

"How should I thank you?" Jacob put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth and hands with a tissue.

He reached out to take the check with him. He just wanted the other party to fill in a satisfied number randomly. Finally, he let out his anger. It was more important than anything else.

As for Thompson, Jacob would never forgive him. It was unforgivable that he dared to attempt at Sara over and over again.

Therefore, no matter what kind of method Jacob used, he would definitely destroy him.

"Stop. I didn't help you for money." Omnipotent frowned slightly. He seemed to have known what Jacob wanted to do, which made him angry.

"Then what do you want? I have something to ask you to do." Embarrassed, Jacob put his hand on the table, and gently put down the check that he had already held in his hand.

"I like to make friends. I don't need any reward to help my friends." Omnipotent smiled. No wonder Jacob was the nephew of James.

"Then, let's make a friend." Jacob stretched out his hand and looked serious. He felt as if there was certain kind of respect in his heart, and everything was inconceivable.

Omnipotent smiled

s face twisted into a ball. Wine was a good thing. It could make people warm instantly and forget troubles.

However, Jacob was not drunk. Only losers would get drunk. He just tasted the wine. A great man only taste the wine and never get drunk.

Those who only knew how to paralyze their nerves with alcohol in order to escape from pain would never be able to escape from pain in essence. Because they knew how painful every moment they were awake.

"Don't you plan anymore?" Omnipotent was a little surprised. Many successful businessmen succeeded because they had a well-organized plan. If they didn't care about anything, they wouldn't see a good result step by step.

"If fate is in my hands, and it won't change if I go step by step. If fate is not in my hands. Even if I plan thousands of times, it will be useless. So it's useless anyway. Don't worry."

Jacob looked at the beef in front of him. For the first time, he felt that the beef tasted so delicious. This changed his opinion of private food.

The big hermit was hidden in the city, while the small hermit was hidden in the wild. Jacob squinted his eyes. No matter what kind of noise and beasts there would be in the future, he would not shrink back.

Since he had chosen, he would definitely insist.

While eating, they chatted with each other like friends. However, Jacob had his own thoughts. He didn't say anything that he shouldn't say.

Due to the specialty of Omnipotent's occupation, Jacob had to hold back. If he ruined himself because of such a thing in the future, it would be too unworthy.

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