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   Chapter 212 Generalist

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When you were five years old, you could run to a field one kilometer away to catch a butterfly; when you were ten years old, you could search over the street and alley for an ice cream.

At the age of seventeen, you could go to a strange city alone for the one you loved; at the age of twenty-seven, you would find someone to live for a lifetime casually.

This was a reflection of many people's life, but not Jim's.

Maybe not just Sara, everyone wouldn't believe that there should be such a nice man in the world.

No, not just man. Anyone who could treat his or her lover as well as the others so nice would gain the respect from other people. Chole was really a lucky person. In fact, she might be the luckiest person despite her miserable life.

"Sara, I didn't know there should be someone in the world who could love another one to such extent." Jacob stared at the distance seriously. His heart was on Sara, but his eyes could not be unscrupulous.

He had already lost her. So he couldn't be unscrupulous. Love made Jacob clumsy. A man who was addicted to love was a clumsy man.

Jacob didn't even know what he could do to cheer Sara up. He had never thought about this before.

"Yes. The troubles of the company should be over now. " Sara felt much more relieved. Fortunately, she had helped him.

"Thank you." Jacob's heart was surging, but his tone was much calmer. He was always cold outside and warm inside. He just couldn't perform enthusiastically.

"Why are you so polite?" Raising her eyebrows intentionally, Sara pretended to be angry. In the past, only Jacob had the right to be angry, but she had never been serious about it.

"Shall I take you to dinner?" Jacob asked tentatively. He was afraid that as soon as this matter was settled, he would not find a reason to make such an invitation anymore.

What a contradiction! On the one hand, he would like to see the problem solved as soon as possible. On the other hand, he hoped that the problem could always be there.

Perhaps that was why Jacob felt himself ridiculous. He didn't know since when he had become like this.

So indecisive and always thought too much before each move. The reason why he had become like this was that Sara was no longer predictable for him.

"No, I have to go home now. I'm tired. " Sara

useful information.

Some information would be useful in the future, but it was not obvious now.

He was good at dealing with all kinds of information regardless of the channels to get them. As a result, he seldom exposed himself to the public. And as his reputation grew, sometimes he would not take orders from strangers.

And even if he received the order, he wouldn't accept the money. Unless there was something or someone that particularly touched him, he would not move.

It was said that when he was young, he was arrogant and had many enemies. But no one dared to do anything to "Generalist", so far.

The news he got was always priceless, and there was no need for him to attract customers. Lots of people would come to him automatically.

Some people would find him when they divorced or cheated on each other, and some people would find him for deeper hatred for the others. As the number coming to him accumulates, he was getting used to the situation.

Therefore, no matter how rich and powerful his customer was, he would judge whether he liked the job or not and whether he wanted to accept it.

Whether he would take the job was all depended on his mood. After all, he had earned enough money. It was true that all walks of life are equal, one can always achieve wealth and fame no matter which way you choose. As long as your skill was proficient.

Due to the relationship with James, Jacob had the opportunity to find "Generalist" for help.

It was lucky for Jacob as the man was not usually available.

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