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   Chapter 211 Contradiction

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"So, is there any secret behind the explosion?" Sara's heart ached as if it was torn apart. Was it just a pure accident?

"To save money, he hardly takes money with him. He had nothing to eat. So he could only roast potatoes. " Chole was heartbroken, and the reason for everything was found.

Her husband roasted potatoes just to fill his stomach, not to revenge on anyone, nor to create an accident. But he didn't expect such a big accident to happen.

"What? ! !” Sara's mouth was wide open in surprise and grief. For a moment, she felt that her mouth was filled with cold wind. She was feeling too sad, bitter and shocked. The truth was so simple but cruel.

One police broke in. "Mrs. Chole, is what you just said true?" Jacob followed in and glanced at Sara. He heard every word they said just now outside the door. The sound insulation of the hospital was not that good.

"Why are there so many policemen?" A trace of surprise flashed through Chole's eyes. The next second, she seemed to understand that all this should be done by Sara.

But it didn't matter. She had told the truth. If the police had to punish her for the accident, then she had nothing to say.

"Can you be responsible for what you just said?" The policeman looked at Chole with a heavy expression. Perhaps he wanted to find a trace of uneasiness in Chole's eyes, but she looked determined.

"He was an optimistic and kind-hearted man who doesn't even dare to kill chickens. If it wasn't an accident, what else could it be? If you mean he killed people for my disease, that's impossible. He was just hungry. " Chole's eyes were full of sadness. He just wanted to eat something. Could it be the motivation of killing?

"But I heard that the relationship between the workers in the factory is not good. Were there any conflict between your husband and the other workers?" The policeman seemed to be questioning, but the fact it was just a routine.

"If we would kill people just for some tiny conflicts, we won't be able to live for so long. We've beengone through much m

hey would feel regret when the love was gone.

That was really depressing.

"I..." Sara and Jacob opened their mouth at the same time as they walked side by side, surprising at the tacit understanding between them.

"After you..." They spoke in the same voice again. Sara blushed in embarrassment. 'When did I have such a tacit understanding with Jacob?'

"You go ahead." Sara shrugged generously, as if she was giving in.

"I'm just sighing. I think what I have done is really insignificant compared with Jim." A guilty look appeared on Jacob's face without any cover. He might have hidden his guilty feelings before, but now he wouldn't do that anymore.

"I'm sighing that there should be such a man in this world." Squinting slightly, Sara sneezed.

"What's wrong? Have you caught a cold?" Jacob frowned. The room in the hospital was cold just now, and he had forgotten that Sara had stayed there for so long.

Jacob put his hand on Sara's forehead and said, "It seems that you haven't got fever."

Time seemed to have stopped. In a daze, Sara stood still and felt the temperature of Jacob's hand. It was cold.

"I've decided to become such a man in the future." Jacob took the chance to look into Sara's eyes sincerely. No, I will do better than him.

"Forget it. I don't believe you." Sara hit Jacob's hand. She didn't want him to see her blush.

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