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   Chapter 119 Are You Unsatisfied

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Jacob's cold eyes were filled with inexplicable coldness. His tolerance had become the capital of Jonathan's shamelessness. How ridiculous he was!

"Where have I gone? Do I need to report to an unimportant board of directors as you? Won't I show up if I am alright?" Jacob stressed every word.

In an instant, the board of directors started jabbering. Everyone must know what Jacob meant. His arrogance left a bad impression on everyone present. What was the so-called an unimportant director? Without the directors, could the company survive today?

A stone stirred up a thousand ripples. Jacob looked at the messy board with a frown and knocked on the table. "Well, everyone, be quiet. I will naturally deal with my work well before leaving the company. Even if I'm not here, I have you to help me manage the company well. Don't worry. I'm fine in the first place."

None of the board members had any complaint, and no one was willing to stand out. Therefore, although they were very unhappy, they still looked calm.

But Jonathan was different. He was born to make trouble. A smile appeared on his face. "Yes, unimportant directors. All the people sitting here are unimportant. Since you are the directors of the company, you should be responsible for everyone. You can't control everything by yourself. You can do whatever you want? "

Jacob narrowed his eyes. They hadn't seen each other for a few days, and now Jonathan became smart. But all this was useless in Jacob's eyes. The power of life and death was still Jacob's hands. No matter what Jonathan said, it was useless.

Jacob raised his eyes to look at Jonathan in front of him. Blue veins stood out on his head, and his hands had been clenched into fists. In just a few seconds, Jacob calmed down. It was not a time to subdue people with hard tactics, and he shouldn't be like this.

"I just said that to you, not to everyone sitting here. I mean, as a director, you have done nothing. How can you criticize me here? Don't you think it's ridiculous? " Jacob's cold expression had already shocked everyone present.

Jonathan had thought that there would be a group of people attacking Jacob because he had offended him. But he didn't expect that he w

calm and tough. Don't be too timid. " Squinting his eyes, Jacob thought about how Rick had behaved in front of him.

"Mr. Jacob, is there gender restriction for the new assistants?" The HR manager had recruited many assistants before, but they were all male. Perhaps because the CEO was married, he didn't want to give others the chance to gossip.

"No gender restrictions as long as capable." It's better to be a male assistant, because I often need to ask someone to drive at night. And the salary is the same as manager Liu's. The benefits and allowances will be doubled and arrange a house for this position."

Jacob told them everything in order not to miss anything.

Hearing this, the HR manager was stunned about the pay. He even wanted to be the president's assistant himself. He had worked for so long, but he was not treated well than the president's assistant. However, it was human nature, and what he did was in direct proportion to return, which could be seen from Andy.

Although the company had tried its best to block the news, it was inevitable that the senior executives would leak the news. As a human resources manager, although he was not the senior executives of the company, he should naturally know about the changes of personnel as well.

Everyone was good at something, so there would be a job suitable for him. If it was not suitable, one should adjust it in time. There was no doubt that Rick was not suitable to be a president's assistant.

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