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   Chapter 113 Retreat

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Alice finally arrived at the restaurant ahead of time. When they were in college, Jacob spoiled Alice, so she had always been late when they dated. When she arrived, Jacob would forgive her if she explained it casually.

This time, Alice knew that she had lost her qualification to be arrogant. When a man loves you, he will think you are forthright and cute even if you say dirty words. When a man doesn't love you, even if you say pleasant words, he would think you were hypocritical.

Everything was destined, but Alice didn't believe in fate. She believed that Jacob was just obsessed for a while.

She took a deep breath and exhaled. After opening the door and taking a look at the location of the restaurant that Jacob pinned, Alice kept it in mind and closed the door.

As long as she was brave, she could do anything. Alice encouraged herself. She walked towards the elevator in her high heels.

Jacob moved slowly. Even if the wound was still aching, he still felt incomparably relieved when he stepped on the ground.

Today, Jacob had complex feelings. He knew the answer, but when his assistant called him and told him the truth, he felt heartbroken for Alice. At the same time, he felt remorseful for Sara.

Jacob knew it, but he didn't tell her. He didn't say that because he believed in Alice. He believed that the person he had loved for so many years was still innocent and kind-hearted. He believed that Sara had been used to the feud between the rich and powerful clans and had become accustomed to it.

When Alice had a grudge against Sara before, he would think that it was Sara fault without hesitation. But now, he realized that when a person didn't love you, he wouldn't do anything for you, including hatred.

Jacob arrived at the place he had made an appointment with Alice. He didn't want himself to be in such a situation. His heart softened when he heard Alice's concern. Once you do something wrong, you can't be forgiven with just a few words of concern.

Jacob looked at Alice who was coming slowly from a distance. She was very beautiful today. Decent clothes wrapped her good body, but these were not impo

ng-distance love and had to be separated.

It's not that the other party has changed, but that you suddenly find that she has lost all the advantages you love. Maybe she didn't find it at the beginning, but later she found it.

Alice picked up a napkin and wiped her face carefully, but she still couldn't help sobbing. She didn't expect that her makeup would be like this. In her eyes, it was just a small thing. It shouldn't be a big deal for Jacob.

Unless Jacob really fell in love with Sara. This thought flashed through Alice's mind, and she felt like falling into an ice cave.

Alice carefully picked up the juice next to her. She was still sobbing and could hardly find the straw accurately. When she finally touched the straw, the waiter served the dishes.

Alice had no time to care what dishes were served in front of her. Today was completely different from her imagination. Alice felt that her heart was blocked, and an unspeakable pain spread in her heart.

"Yan, I thought I had made everything clear. But today, I found that you didn't believe what I said. " Jacob put some food into his mouth without looking up at Alice.

Alice shrank her neck to drink her beverage, but she didn't eat the food. She didn't want to hear that. She didn't believe that Jacob was also so ruthless. She had been waiting for him for so many years, how could he abandon her?

Alice didn't answer but wanted to listen to him.

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