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   Chapter 112 Being Unscrupulous

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With a sigh, Sara watched Fatty happily walk into the crowd, not afraid of being trampled by others and having fun with the dogs. Shaking her head, Sara thought, 'Good girl.'

She hadn't seen Winnie and Dora for a long time. She missed them. In particular, Dora was so obedient that Sara didn't want to compare Fatty with Dora. There was no suspense.

Seeing Fatty running into the crowd, Sara sighed happily and followed her, not let her get hurt.

Since she kept a pet, she should care about its safety. The pet had a short life, and the master had a long life. She wouldn't forgot the pet it had accompanied her before.

She knew how it felt to be abandoned, so she would not easily abandon anything like others.

When Jacob woke up in the morning, she took a look at her phone. It was already 8 o'clock in the morning. He didn't have to get up early since he had the accident.

When he read the message from Alice in the notice column, his handsome eyebrows could not help but become ferocious. It seemed that it was time to break up completely. Previously, Jacob felt guilty for his love for Alice for so many years. But that didn't mean that Alice had the right to challenge Jacob's bottom line infinitely.

Jacob dialed Alice's number. Looking at the caller ID, Alice was so excited that Jacob finally had to answer her call.

"Hello, Jacob. You haven't answered my phone for so many days. I'm so worried about you. " Alice said coquettishly on purpose. A man was afraid of being softhearted the most.

Jacob said in a cold tone, as if she was an enemy, "Are you free at noon? Let's meet then?"

Alice was so excited that she almost burst into tears. How could they break up so easily in the past seven years? She must seize this opportunity. She had to make Jacob changed his mind.

"Yes, yes, I have time. You decide the place. I will be there on time. " There was uncontrollable surprise in Alice's voice. She had waited for a long time and finally Jacob was willing to meet her.

She recalled what kind of life she had recently. Alice danced with joy. As long as she could see Jacob, she was confident that she could soften Jacob's heart. For so many years, she knew him like the palm of her own hand.

Alice ran to the wardrobe and opened it, humming an unknown tune, in a good mood. She wanted to

ways suitable. It was really good. But she felt she forgot something.

Alice suddenly realized that she hadn't applied any lipstick.

After gently applying the lipstick, she blinked her mouth and applied the blush again. Alice looked at herself in the mirror. She was so beautiful. Today, success or failure depended on this move.

After making up, she waited aimlessly. As if time had stopped. Even if she hadn't seen Jacob for only a few days, she still felt as if many years had passed. Today's expectation was no less than that of the night before she came back from abroad.

Some people's infatuation would be shocking. Just as Jacob, even though she had left for four years, she still felt the same when she came back. The difference was Jacob was bewitched by Sara.

Men were the same. A smile appeared on Alice's face. Noah who said he didn't like women also fell in love with Bess.

Thinking of this, Alice couldn't help but frown. Not only did Sara take away Jacob, but also let Bess take away Noah! Step by step, those close to her all left her.

But Alice didn't have time to think about it now. She had guessed the purpose that Jacob wanted to meet her. It was probably because she had released the news of his divorce. What she had to do was to deny it. She knew Jacob's temper, but as long as she refused to admit it, she would be okay.

Over the years, she knew Jacob's temper well. No matter how angry Jacob was, he would not yell at her. This was Alice's last trump card. Because she knew him well, she was unscrupulous.

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