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   Chapter 107 Unpredictable

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Jacob knew how heartless he was now, which meant how affectionate he had been. No one would be willing to constantly give, even if they had a purpose. This was human nature.

Alice still texted him every day, indicating that they should make up. But the broken mirror couldn't take back, and spilled water cannot be gathered up. No, Jacob didn't want to make up with her at all.

In the past, Jacob cared about Sara, but he always felt guilty to Alice. He blamed all this on Sara, but later he found that it was unfair to Sara. It was his psychological problem, but he had to impose it on Sara. So now, he would never be softhearted.

As for the exposure of the divorce news, he hadn't decided yet. Maybe he would be scold, or be disappointed, or even be glad. But what was the point if Sara didn't forgive him?

It was said that if a woman's heart was broken, she would never come back. In fact, Jacob was more worried about Sara's choice.

He never showed his love for her, but hurt her again and again. If it were him, he might not forgive himself.

After Noah finished the discharge formalities, Jacob stood up from the bed. His legs still hurt. It seemed that the wheelchair beside him must be used. He couldn't let anyone else see him like this, or there would be another disturbance.

Jacob wore the hat and sunglasses he had prepared in advance. He looked very mysterious and conspicuous, but he had no choice. He didn't know who was waiting for him outside.

After helping Jacob sit on the wheelchair, Noah joked, "If people don't know your real condition, people would think you are old."

Jacob took a deep breath and didn't answer. Instead, he said, "I can finally go out to breathe some fresh air. I've been waiting for this for too long."

Noah shrugged his shoulders and said nothing. If he had been lying in the hospital for so long, he would have been sick.

So Jacob should be more composed. He wouldn't complain casually, but he was calm and didn't care about details in doing big things. As for these, Noah always sighed that he was inferior to him.

But Jacob didn't think so. Sometimes he envied Noah's freedom. He felt that he was restricted too much, but he couldn't break free.

Everyone's life is a cocoon. The difference is that w

, he realized that he was wrong, totally wrong.

"How about stopping on the bridge later? I want to see the night view of the city." Jacob said in a low voice. He felt inexplicably relieved when he was with Noah.

Since he was hospitalized, he found himself more sentimental. In the past, he always felt that he was not afraid of anything, but now he realized that there was nothing that could make him strong enough to be fearless.

Noah nodded without saying anything. It was like when fate was rotating, even though everyone knew that they would eventually die. But the scenery along the way was still unforgettable.

The car stopped at the parking lot by the bridge. Jacob was determined not to let Noah hold him. Noah couldn't bear to force him with his tenacity. Jacob limped to the bridge. The huge neon lights on the bridge were colorful, and under the bridge was a river.

It was more like a stream than a river. But it didn't matter anymore. What mattered was that standing on the bridge, the cold wind blew and feeling that every pore on his body was open, Noah quickly went back to the car and took the scarf, handing it to Jacob

Jacob looked back. "I said I like the sun, but I always look for a cool place in sunny days. I said I like rain, but I always like to hold an umbrella in the rain. I said I love Sara, but I hurt her again and again. Now I say I like the cold wind in the autumn night. I don't want to wear a scarf anymore. I don't want my life to be full of unspeakable refusal. "

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