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   Chapter 103 Be Eloquent

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The lake was clear enough to see the bottom, and there were people playing around. Of course, it was only open to some people with high income. The so-called high income standard referred to the person with a bank account of more than 10 million and more than two apartments.

Sara was stunned by such a place. There were few people here. Someone was fishing by the lake.

The staff ushered the three into the scenic spot after Noah handed over three tickets.

After dismissing the staff, Sara couldn't help but sigh, "I didn't expect there to be such a place, like a fairyland."

People who were used to the haze of the city would be amazed to see such a place. Sara couldn't help but want to praise it.

"I don't know there is such a place. I've been in this country for so many years, but I don't know more than Noah. I'm so ashamed." Bess even became modest. Sara looked at the lake with admiration.

It was true that there was no lack of beauty in the world, but lack of eyes to identify beauty. If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, Sara wouldn't have believed it. But now, in front of her, she felt that she had been too ignorant in the past.

With a smile, Noah pointed to a house in front of him. The house didn't look big, but there was a ship at the door, which was built by the lake, and the dam in front of the door was built on the lake.

If they could live in such a place, it would be a kind of enjoyment. However, in such a place, except for the people who had no desires, no one else could do it. There were too many shackles lingering in the mortal world, and the people who could jump out were either crazy or real masters.

The owner was a bald middle-aged man with a kind face. The three rented a bike and began to ride along the lake. Perhaps Sara didn't do exercise for a long time. She rode her bicycle with difficulty, while Noah and Bess rode at ease. Soon, Sara felt behind.

Fortunately, it was cloudy and there was no sun.

The sunhat that Sara was wearing just covered her forehead. Her ponytail was exposed outside the hat, which looked pleasing. Even if there was no sun, she had to smear herself with suntan oil. After all, skin care and losing weight were women's lifelong career.

Looking at the two people who were riding far away, Sara stopped by the lake. There were many fishes, shrimps and grass in the lake, which looked

ind. Why did you become a nun?" Sara always felt that monks were those who saw through the world and felt desperate and helpless about the world. For example, she should be a person who saw through the world now. But she was totally different from the master in front of her.

"To truly see through the mortal world is not to detest the world, but to experience something else besides the mortal world. I used to be a big shot in the business world. I had a lovely daughter and a beautiful wife and lived a happy life. It's not because I lost everything that I became a nun. It's just that when everything was good, I suddenly came here and told my wife that I wanted to build a temple to become a nun. At the beginning, she didn't believe me and thought I was joking. " Yunfu paused and stopped.

Hearing that, Sara was absorbed in her own thoughts. She felt that the life of the master was like a real reflection of an idiom, "When you achieve success, you retreat."

"Later, I left enough money for my wife and children, and then build this temple. The rest of the money was donated to the Red Cross. I think life is always a process of experience. Do you know that all the things you are pursuing are actually something terrible? Some pursue love, some pursue money, and some pursue power. In the end, it is just a definition of pursuit, which is invisible, so everything returns to the starting point. " The master was eloquent, looking at the green mountain outside the door.

Sara seemed half-understood, "Master, I seem to understand a little, but I still don't understand."

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