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   Chapter 102 A Pleasant Environment

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In the past, Sara was the same. Even if she wore a dress, she would care about other people's opinions. She felt sad or happy for this. But now, no matter what others thought, Sara didn't care anymore.

Alice just wanted to see her unhappy, sad and laugh at her. Sara didn't care. She didn't care about a person who had nothing to do with her. No matter how she told her, she didn't care.

However, there was a doubt in Sara's heart. Why did she have to do that even though she knew it would do harm to Jacob. With Fatty in his arms, Sara overlooked the city. The winter was getting colder and colder. There was an indescribable grey in the air. The whole sky and city were covered in mist, as if they were covered in a layer of dust. Such a weather made people reluctant to go out.

It was a pity that so many people spend a lot of money to live in the city, but they could only enjoy the sky and living environment like this. Sara couldn't help thinking, it's a pity. But life was not perfect. There were always gains and losses. That was all.

Many ancient people longed for living progress, free from worries about food and clothing, convenient transportation, various entertainment methods, and freedom of love. But what they didn't know was that now people were also missing the palace buildings of the ancient times, blue sea and the blue sky.

It was satisfaction that they didn't feel disappointed.

Waiting for Jacob to call her, Sara didn't know how Jacob was doing. She would still think of him, just like a dream that she hadn't been finished for many years. But that kind of missing was gentle and unknown.

On Saturday, Sara changed into a sportswear. Because of her good appetite recently, she looked much better. With a ponytail, she looked like an 18-year-old girl.

Noah drove with Bess to pick up Sara. Sara saw their car from a distance. After being together with Bess, Noah felt much more mature. He didn't know if it was his illusion.

With a faint smile, Sara straightened her sun hat. Since graduation, she rarely had the chance to go out with others like this. In a rich family, she couldn't be so unscrupulous. Behind her glorious background, she couldn't even do anything that an ordinary person could do at any time.

soon as possible. To be honest, Bess was so keen on quarreling when they were in love, it sent shiver down Noah's spine.

In fact, it was unnecessary for Noah to worry about it. The reason why Bess cared so much was that it was about her good friend, Sara.

A person would become strange because of falling in love, be afraid of gain and loss, and think about everything. Noah might also have this tendency. Fortunately, he and Bess went straight to each other, and there was no big difference till now.

All love broke up after major disagreements. Some people said that the different views on the values of life would not have any impact on their own lives. Complementary characters were the best. In fact, people who didn't even have a common hobbies would think differently by imagination.

It was hard for ordinary people to understand why a man would like a man. Then it would be hard for Gay to understand why other men would like women.

Many people could understand that each had his/her own love. But once such a thing really happened in life, everyone would be less tolerant.

For example, if one liked a star and dislike the other, he/she would doubt why someone liked that kind of star.

There were so many people alike. Maybe unknowingly, everyone had such a moment.

Without another word, Noah listened to Bess and Sara chatting all the way to their destination.

This lake was a famous tourist attraction in W City. Although it was not big, the environment was pleasant.

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