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   Chapter 101 By Luck

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Compared with Bess, Sara was much calmer. In this way, she could break free from Jacob. However, it would cause a great loss to her reputation. Hearing that, Sara's heart sank. Perhaps Jacob also wanted to announce their divorce.

"Well, is there any news about Jacob?" Sara asked suddenly. Logically speaking, Jacob shouldn't ignore the news.

"I don't know. Maybe he has known it, but there is no move. Do you think it was released by Jacob, Sara? " Bess muttered. If it was really Jacob, it could only prove that Sara had loved the wrong person for so many years.

"I don't think so." Putting down the sweater that she was knitting, Sara held the phone with her hand and said, "He wouldn't do such a thing to hurt others and made no benefit to himself. Logically speaking, except me, the only person who can take our divorce certificate is Alice. But she looks like a babe in the wood. I don't think Jacob will doubt her.""

"It's that bitch again. It seems that I have to teach her a lesson. She is really bold to make trouble like this again and again." Bess frowned and her anger was self-evident.

"Don't worry. She can't hurt me. What else can she do except for these tricks. Besides, Jacob protects her. I guess that's it. If I mention it again, I will be ostracized inside and out." Sara shrugged helplessly, but she couldn't feel relieved at all.

She didn't want to compete with her, but she was sucked into the vortex all the time. Sara couldn't help but feel a little discouraged. Life was always like this. People always do something not of their own free will;

"Sara, I really feel sorry for you. I'll check it out. This time, even if Jacob doesn't give you an explanation, I won't let that bitch go. " Bess wouldn't allow others to bully her friend.

"Well, thank you, Bess. You are the only one who supports me at the most critical moment every time. I really don't know what to say to express my gratitude." Sara was deeply touched. No matter what had happened, she was not alone.

Bess sighed, "Well, be in a good mood. Don't worry about it. We should be happier when we go out on Saturday. We can't be angry for such a trifle. Got it?"

On the other side, as soon as Jacob asked his assistant away, Noah called.

"Hello, Jacob. What

still sneer at him coldly. Jacob deserved it. He could blame no one.

He took a deep breath. It was better to know the truth than not. He hoped that things were not as bad as he thought.

Sitting on the sofa leisurely and playing with Fatty, Sara kept teasing the little kitten. She grew faster and fatter.

If it had been in the past, Sara would have been so angry and worried. But today, when she knew the news that slandered her in this way, she didn't care it any more.

Time could easily change a person. Sara knew that she had suffered too much because of what she had lost before. From now on, she would no longer be sad, because she would lose more.

Time was like wine. Some people drink strongly, while some drink lightly. It was just the reflection of her own mentality. If one had a good mentality, she would be naturally vigorous. If she had a bad mentality, she would be decrepit.

It was better to have a good time than to be depressed. Even if a person's reputation was of great important, no one would care about his/her feelings. He/she could only be relieved to see some sadness in other people's stories.

Some people liked to compare their own lives with others'. Living a good life was naturally the object of jealousy of the other's, and living a bad life was naturally the object of ridicule of most people. Anyway, life was not like that. She lived for herself and didn't care about other people's feelings. However, some people cared about other people's feelings so much.

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