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   Chapter 98 Wounds

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"I got it downstairs, I don't know if I was abandoned by its mother, or perhaps it got lost." Bess stroked the kitten in her hand lovingly.

"Do you want to keep it, Sara. If you don't want it, I can take you back to my villa. " Bess came to the living room and sat on the sofa. She held the kitten in her arms.

"I'll keep it. It can help me divert boredom. I named her Fatty. Look at her. She's so fat. " Sara raised a smile. She liked little pets very much.

The cat in Bess's hand meowed, making her couldn't help laughing. "She's not fat. She is cute. Is there anything to eat? Maybe she is hungry. She is mewing."

Sara replied, "There is ham sausage in the fridge. You can feed her with it. Let's buy some cat food online later. It's better."

Holding the kitten in her arms, Bess walked lazily to the kitchen, looking like a lazy mother who was looking for food for her child.

She opened the refrigerator, found the ham sausage, cut it with a knife, and the cat began to meow. Bess gently fed the ham sausage to the little cat's mouth and said, "Your master is saying that you are fat now. Tell her that we can lose weight after you are full."

Sara burst into laughter.

When the little kitten was full, she fell asleep under the sofa and let out a whistling sound. She looked so cute. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, Sara thought, 'Life is full of wonders. Sometimes a careless move will bring a surprise.'

Maybe Fatty was the new surprise in Sara's life.

Turtle soup was boiling for more than two hours. Sara's father finally came back.

The three had dinner happily. Then Bess and Sara went out for a walk, while Carlos stayed at home alone.

After working for a day, he really didn't want to go out for a walk. At this time, all he wanted to do was to lie on the sofa, wrapped in a warm blanket and watch TV.

Her daughter came back at ease. Everything was so good. The problems he had worried about were finally over. It was a big blow to Carlos that Sara's mother left him. That meant failure in life and meant his efforts were despised.

But in our life, working hard wasn't the only thing to make us happy, because there were always gains and

ete things will always return in another form. " There was no emotion in Sara's voice.

"Sara, I don't understand you. If Jacob wants to make up with you, can you forgive him?" Bess asked cautiously. She had heard from Noah that Jacob wanted to make up with her.

"It's over. Let's not talk about it." When Sara uttered the eight words, her heart skipped a beat. Since fate was shallow, what was the point of deep love?

She couldn't tell where the love came from and where did it had gone. Nor could she tell the love and hatred's whereabouts.

Bess seemed to feel a little cold. Obviously, Sara's answer was negative. Bess could not help but sigh.

"Sara, what do you think is the most important thing in love?" Bess suddenly asked.

"Maybe they two get along well with each other. To put it bluntly, he must treat you wholeheartedly. " However, Sara didn't avoid this question.

It was easy to tell whether a man loved you or not. There were thousands of forms of love, but there was only one form of not love, which was silence. Only the one of a man's interests could arouse his passion. If a man was very cold to you, then there was no passion.

Sara felt a headache. Obviously, these were just an unimportant things, but the thought of it made her heart ache. Her ex-husband was like a pain in the heart forever. No matter how long it had passed, when she thought of it, she would still remember how painful she had been when they broke up.

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