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   Chapter 96 Who Would Gain Supremacy

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At this time, the door rang.

Jacob looked at the door and said, "Come in, please."

It was Sean. He didn't know if he had come to the hospital after her accident, but he could clearly see the anxiety in his eyes.

"Jacob, are you feeling better. I've been busy watching the surveillance video these days, so I didn't come to see you. Today I finally have some clues. So I come to you. " Gasping for breath, it was obvious that Sean came in a hurry.

As soon as the door was closed, Sean couldn't help saying, and Jacob frowned. "Come and sit down. What's going on?"

Sean swallowed and seemed to be calmer.

"You hit someone that day, and then something happened. I should have come to the hospital to see you right away, but I found that the person you hit was very suspicious that day. I checked the surveillance video of the bar over and over again. Although it was very blurry, I felt that the person beside him had contacted Colin. He was the famous paparazzi. " Sean was sweating.

"Oh? Did they talk in the monitor? " Jacob felt that this matter was unusual. He guessed that someone schemed to murder him this time must have something to do with Thompson, but he had no evidence, everything was reasoning.

"Well, they didn't have direct contact. But there were 16 outgoing calls from the bar within 2 hours of that night, two of which were made by the man you knew."

"I see. Thank you. If there is anything else, you can contact me at any time. " In fact, Jacob had guessed that it was Thompson did it, but there was no evidence. Even if he knew it, it was useless.

Looking at Jacob on the bed, Sean had mixed feelings.

It was true that a person's sufferance could give him a different view of the world. If he had encountered such a thing, he might have no choice but to call the police. He might have been cautious all the time, but Jacob was also different.

How much honor, how much slander. He could stand praise and slander. This was Sean's evaluation of Jacob from the bottom of his heart.

"By the way, does it have any impact on your bar?" Jacob couldn't help but care about Sean. Although he funded the bar, it was Sean's place after all. He had to be more careful.

"It doesn't matter." Sean was a little moved. Even at this time, Jacob was still concerned about his bar. No ordinary people could compare with him.

here anymore. If she still had some courage, she should move out after the host asked her to leave. Although she loved him, she had her dignity. She couldn't just wait for others to drive her away. In that case, even if she came back one day, she would have no standing.

Winnie peeped the living room from time to time, but found nothing. Since Alice came back, she kept silently as if she hadn't come back, which made Winnie confused. Alice used to keep loud noises to show her sense of existence. What was wrong with her now?

Alice packed her luggage quickly. Those bought by Jacob were as compensation. She couldn't stay here, so she had to leave with them.

After packing up, Alice had two big suitcases and two small suitcases in total. She had to move them out at least two times.

Alice felt depressed. She was brought in by Jacob in style, but now she had to leave dejectedly. It was all Sara's fault. This time, Sara was about to mock at her. She calculated carefully, but she was wrong.

Alice went downstairs with her suitcase. It was late winter now. The sky was always gray. She hadn't seen the blue sky and white clouds for long time, but it didn't matter. Since she lived in this city, she had long accepted the fate of the city.

Slowly, she dragged the suitcase downstairs. Alice didn't say a word to Winnie from the beginning to the end. Of course, she didn't want a servant to laugh at her. Even if Jacob didn't love her anymore, she was a woman of fame and prestige. Moreover, it was not the time to tell who would gain supremacy in the end.

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