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   Chapter 91 He Was Good To Me

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Leaning against the chair, Sara fell asleep. When she woke up, she asked the stewardess to take some food to her. Since she went to Rome, she had good appetite. She even missed the food cooked by Winnie and her father. Thinking of Winnie, she guessed that Winnie must have had a hard time facing Alice alone after she left.

After dinner, Sara took out her iPad. When she was free, Sara liked reading, especially reasoning novels by Keigo Tono.

At this moment, she found the Dedication of Suspect X. People scrambled for something with high evaluation, which was also the reason why Sara hesitated. She wanted to read this book for a long time, but because of the high evaluation, she felt daunted, because she was afraid that the greater the hope she had, the greater the disappointment would be.

However, as soon as Sara read the first page, she was attracted. Seeing the end, the shock in Sara's heart was beyond words. The aloof look on her face was actually very sentimental, and she even shed tears.

In order not to be misunderstood, Sara wiped her tears immediately. It turned out that one could love another to such an extent.

She had never met such a deep love before. No, she didn't even know there was such affection in the world. Behind Kenneth's expressionless face, there was actually a love that was hard to understand.

"Was that woman a little regretful? Did she thank me? It's in vain for me to remove the thorn in her eyes. I heard that she said shamelessly it had nothing to do with her. " He tilted his lips and pretended to be an evil person, which made Kusanagi's heart ripple. She could only sigh that a person could love someone to such an extent.

Squinting her eyes, Sara thought, 'Maybe there are some fictional elements in the novel, but this kind of touching love has never occurred to me. I always think that humans love themselves more, especially in love, even if there, only a few are willing to sacrifice. But such fearless sacrifice almost made them lose all to love someone, making others saddened.

In order to save his beloved woman, Kenneth was not afraid of losing his reputation and life, nor was he afraid of poverty and dark prison life. In

Sara sat in the back seats, chatting about the fun of Sara's trip abroad.

"On the third day in Rome, I met an American. He insisted on asking for my phone number. I said it was useless to tell him. He said he would come to China and make friends with me. At that time, I despised what an old-fashioned seduction technique he had. Anyway, I gave him my contact information. I thought he would disturb me, but I didn't hear from him later. " The thought of Steve amused Sara.

"It seems you are lucky in love affairs in abroad. Jacob is such a reckless bastard. How can be so blind to appreciate such a good woman?" Bess was defending for Sara. As a loyal fan of her good friend, Bess had always kept praising Sara all the time. She didn't care what Noah would think if he heard it. Anyway, what she said was true.

In the front row, hearing the conversation between the two people, Noah had no choice but to pretend not to hear their talks. From time to time, he looked up at the rearview mirror and saw the two.

With a smile, Sara said, "Bess, you keep praising me. If you were a boy, I would have married you. You are so kind."

Hearing this, Noah was anxious. "Oh, no! If you two are together, what about me? "

Sara was just kidding. She didn't expect that Noah took it seriously.

"Well, I'm just kidding. Bess is a good girl. If you don't treat her well, I won't be so easy on you." Sara threatened. She couldn't let Noah copy Jacob's practice.

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