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   Chapter 90 Everything Was Different

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She still remembered that when she first fell in love with Jacob, someone proposed a toast to her at the party. At the same time, Jacob blocked his way and said, "My wife is not good at drinking. Let me drink it for her."

That day, Jacob seemed to shine Sara's eyes, making her unable to look away for a long time. Time was like water, always silent. She always thought that her life would go on peacefully, and occasionally there would be surprises, but life turned out not be smooth.

He was no longer the hero in her heart. He was so loyal to another woman to protect her from wind and rain. He was like a soldier riding a horse, who died in the battlefield and did not return, and he even brought a letter to tell her not to wait.

It was late autumn in November. Although it was not too hot under the influence of the sea, it still made Sara feel cold. Sitting on the chair, Sara folded her arms around legs and huddled herself up.

Although the hatred in her heart never decreased in the slightest, her love was still increasing. Women were always so stubborn. It was difficult for a woman to accept another man when she firmly loved him, so there were so many women who broke up in love and committed suicide. Others always saw women's hypocrisy, but they couldn't see women's infatuation.

Looking out of the window at the night view of the city, Sara was lost in thought for a long time. She thought of her experience from childhood to adulthood. Maybe it was just because she didn't care that her life was in a mess. Sara mocked herself that anything could lead to the desolation of her own situation.

After adjusting her mood, Sara took out her phone and sent a message to Bess. She had thought of disappearing completely and having fun, so she had ruthlessly removed all the chatting software. Look, how easy it was for a person to disappear from the world, even though the Internet was so developed nowadays.

After setting up the WeChat, Sara logged in and saw the WeChat message from Bess. She felt her heart suddenly hung in the air and she felt suffocated. In the photo, Jacob was wrapped in gauze all over his body, and the gauze was also soaked with blood. How seriously Jacob injured?

Sara covered her mouth with her hand to prevent herself from making any sound. If he died, would she forgive him? But what was the point of forgiving him if

he was really sleepy too late. She didn't have a dream all night and had a good sleep.

In the morning, Sara opened her eyes. Her big watery eyes flashed with a strange light. She was finally going to return. She had booked a ticket. After getting up and tidying up, she finally decided to have breakfast in the hotel on the last morning.

After having breakfast in a hurry, Sara found that the breakfast offered by the hotel was not as bad as she thought. It should be cooked by a good chef. However, since she was about to return, she was not in the mood to care about it.

Sitting on the plane, Sara looked out of the window from time to time. Many people were afraid of taking the plane, because if the plane had an accident, there was almost no chance of survival. It was a high-risk journey.

Outside the window, there were white clouds surrounding. With her eyes wide open, Sara felt like she was in a fairyland and could hardly see the ground. People with acrophobia might be scared to death. But she felt at ease. Once she made a decision, she would become brave and decisive.

Life was not a matter of course, but of willingness. Sara looked around and found that almost half of the people around her were Chinese. Some of them were smiling, while some were expressionless. Life was always like this. Half was happiness and half was sadness, but the happy days were always short, and the sad days were difficult. Objectively, the speed of the time made you feel happy or sad remain the same. Because of the significance given by people, everything was different.

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