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   Chapter 88 Aftereffect

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For a moment, Noah sympathized with Alice. No matter how many mistakes she made before, her heart for Jacob at the moment was genuine. But that didn't affect love. Compared with those things touched others, love was always unprincipled and would not be affected by it.

When Noah walked up to Alice, he saw the tiredness on Alice's face. He said, "Alice, go back to have a rest first, and come to replace me tomorrow. I'm here today, and Jacob won't wake up in short time. If he wakes up, I'll call you immediately. You can go back now. "

Seeing that Noah was sincere, Alice didn't insist. "Okay, I'll go back to have a rest. Call me if you need anything."

When she saw Bess, she nodded to her and said, "Please take care of Jacob."

Bess nodded. Although she was dissatisfied with the woman's behavior, at this moment, Bess also felt sorry for her. The life and death of her beloved man was uncertain. No one could endure such pain.

Only by experiencing it could one feel the same way. Of course, Bess wouldn't have thought of this before, but now it was different.

Watching Alice's back, Bess sighed. "I've called Uncle Carlos. I guess that Sara has known Jacob had an accident. Although I don't want to disturb her at this time, I'm afraid that she will blame me for not telling her in the future. Women are all sharp tongues but tender hearts, and I know Sara well."

Noah nodded and looked back at Jacob, sighing.

It was said that people died like the light was off. Andy died, and Jacob was still in comma. At this moment, Noah's phone rang. He took out his phone, looked at the number on the screen and gave a hint to Bess with his eyes. Then he walked out of the ward.

At the corner of the hospital, Noah could finally answer the phone at ease. "Hey, how's the investigation going?"

"Hello, Mr. Noah. Half of the truth has been found out. " A deep male voice came into Noah's ears.

"What do you mean by saying half?" Noah frowned, as if he would explode in the next second.

The accident has been found out. The brake of the car has been tweaked by someone. Therefore, during the head-on crash, Andy swerved too hard which causing problems in the balance of the car. Fortunately, Andy was aware of this problem. The monitor showed that Andy rushed from the driving seat to the back row at the last moment to protect Mr. Jacob. The scene was rea

o longer looked tasty, but the two were still eating happily. Noah picked up a sausage for Bess, and Bess picked up a piece of salmon for Noah. The two looked at each other and smiled. The tacit understanding was spilled over their words.

The food could fill people's stomach and make them feel happy for a short time. For the time being, Noah had forgotten the unhappy things. He just enjoyed the food with Bess. It was said that happiness was like water for people. To Noah, happiness was not only water, but also food.

If other people saw the scene of the two eating, they would definitely feel extraordinarily warm, not superficially, but a feeling from the bottom of their heart.

Perhaps happiness was short-lived, so Noah felt that they finish the meal so soon. He smiled happily. As if he had never eaten such delicious food, he had eaten countless delicacies, but they were not as delicious as this ordinary meal. Narrowing his eyes, Noah knew that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder.

After eating, the doctor came in.

The doctor walked to the bed and checked Jacob. He turned to look at Noah and said, "It's normal that the patient hasn't woken up for a short time because he is seriously injured. You should pay attention to the patient's changes all the time. If he has a fever, you should tell the nurse in time. Nothing else. I just checked it and found that he is fine. "

Noah nodded, "Doctor, he is badly injured. Will there be any aftereffect?"

Bess nodded. It was reasonable for Noah to worry about this. After all, Jacob was seriously injured.

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