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   Chapter 86 Unsuited

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She had been in Rome for almost a week since she came out. Sure enough, it was only suitable for traveling, not for living. Sara had imagined to live there. She would dine in restaurants every day and feed the pigeons. She felt like she had retired early. However, Sara was still young and didn't want to retire.

As for the places of historic interest, that was all. No matter how skillful humans were at the nature level, they were always lifeless objects. The biggest gain of Sara was that she felt how precious freedom was to her. She was no longer her former herself, so well behaved and careful.

She planned to take a detour along the Mediterranean city. At last, she would go to several big cities in Western Europe. She must spent her beautiful youth to the things she loved. Life was so short, she didn't not want to give time to people and things that she disliked.

Jacob was lying on the bed, wrapped in gauze. His head was relatively unharmed, so it could be seen that he was sleeping soundly. When Bess arrived at the hospital, there was no one else. In the early morning, except some the family members of patients who were hospitalized, there were almost no more people. She quickly found the ward where Jacob stayed. Seeing the scene in front of her, Bess didn't have the heart to see him lying there like this.

Having imagined whether she would be too cold when she saw him, Bess was shocked by her own sympathy. However, Jacob, being wrapped in gauze all over his body, was in a coma, and his lips were dry and pale. It was hard to associate him with his usual appearance. Even Jacob, who was full of vitality, was now lying on the bed lifelessly.

Bess just glanced at Alice without saying anything. No matter how much hatred there was, it was not the right time to care about it. After all, the most important thing now was she hoped Jacob wake up.

She whispered to Noah, "I brought you breakfast. Have some."

Alice had been staring at Jacob, but what she heard was so clear. When did they become so intimate! Alice felt a headache. Her previous confession of love looked ironic at the moment. If Noah had told Bess that she had ever confessed her love to him, Bess would have laughed at her as a winner.

Alice, who had stayed up all night, almost lo

ry. Everything will be fine. As long as we are here, Jacob will definitely get through the difficulties!"

Bess was not sure it would be like what she said, but she had to comfort Noah in this way.

Sometimes, the speaker also knew that comforting others could not solve any problem, but as long as you comforted them, they would also get some good feelings. At this moment, Noah was just like this. He held Bess tightly and didn't want to let her go. He said softly, "Fortunately, you are here with me, Bess."

Bess blushed like an apple, so cute. Thinking that it was not the right time to be so intimate, Noah restrained.

Noah held Bess's hand tightly. Jacob was still lying on the bed. Alice]'s eyes were bloodshot. Seeing that Noah and Bess were tightly held together, Alice couldn't help but lower her head. She always felt that the happiness of Noah was too dazzling at this moment. But what could Alice say? It was just a romantic affair, and it had nothing to do with her.

"Go and have a rest. We're here." Noah looked up at Alice, who was full of resentment.

"No, thanks. I'm worried about him. I'll just stay here. When I am tired, I will lie here and have a rest." Alice said coldly. Her heart was as collapsed ant nest, but she could say no more words.

Noah didn't want to force her to do anything. So he just nodded slightly and sat quietly on the chair beside with Bess by his side. Alice fell asleep on the edge of the bed, while Noah was reposing on the chair. Bess just sat there quietly.

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