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   Chapter 82 Beneath Contempt

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Noah raised his eyes, watching Jacob fiddled the coffee cup again and again. In the past, when he was depressed, it was Jacob who helped him get through the difficulties. This time, he finally had the chance to accompany Jacob.

It got dark outside. The moonlight in late autumn night was not as bright as that in summer, but with an empty loneliness. ...

Noah narrowed his eyes and stared at the dark sky. Jacob had already got in the car, and Noah was still waiting outside. Finally, after a few minutes, Noah opened the door. The autumn wind is soughing and the waves were surging.

And then, How generous Jacob was! Even Alice left him, he could still marry a woman he had just known. But today, the pain of losing seemed to be hovering in his heart. He was so upset that he tried hard to control his emotions with his eyebrow frowning.

Noah kept silent all the way and dozed. Silence prevailed.

At the gate of Time Bar, Jacob pointed at the sign and asked, "What do you think of this name?"

Noah raised his eyes, "Not bad. Although a little boorish. "

Jacob finally burst into laughter, as if he was in a better mood. He said anxiously, "Let's go and have a drink."

The bar was relatively quiet. Since it was newly opened, there were not many guests. Besides, Sean, the owner of the bar was a placid person. He was Jacob and Noah's college classmates.

It was also a chance for Jacob to meet Sean here.

After graduation, Sean worked hard in this city. At first, he started from a humble beginning of a world top 500 company. Two years later, he became a manager. But he felt that there was still no way out for him. Coincidentally, Sean met Jacob and told him his situation because they had a good relationship in college.

Jacob asked him about his ideal. Sean said that he wanted to open a shop of his own because he yearned for living a life with some spare time and savings. Jacob left him a business card and said that he could help him realize it.

Sometimes people just wanted to do something good, but Sean rejected his help at that time. The day he saw Jacob, he didn't talk to Jacob with the feeling of pennies falling from the sky. Besides, a man's dignity did not allow him to accept other people's help so easily, even if he was a good friend.

However, no one could predict what would happen next. The company lost millions of dollars because of

what he didn't want to do. This feeling was really good.

In fact, life was the same as the snake devouring game. One needed to be smart and flexible to deal with it, so that he wouldn't be eaten by others. The weak would stand as an easy prey to the strong, which is the law of survival for in society.

When Jacob entered the bar, Sean saw Jacob and Noah at the first sight. It should be the excitement of the old classmates meeting, but Sean had an indescribable emotion. In the past, Sean would feel it was beneath contempt for such indescribable emotions.

In the University, Sean worked hard, like many poor students, who were pretentious. At that time, he didn't hate the rich as others, but Sean always kept a distance from the rich. Even with Jacob, they didn't trust each other totally. Most of the time, people liked to say that it didn't matter if they had different backgrounds as long as they shared the same values.

But Sean always remembered that several students, when they were together, they would discuss all kinds of luxury cars and wine. Of course, Jacob would not think they could be called luxury, because they could buy it as they liked. But poor Sean couldn't get in their conversation. Being poor was easy to make people feel self-abased. Therefore, no matter how Jacob treated him as his friend, there was always a layer of mist in his heart. In the past, he didn't understand what it was. He thought it was arrogance, which was the inherent self-esteem. Now he understood that it was inferiority, which was caused by his deep inferiority since he was born.

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