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   Chapter 77 Dreamless Night

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Without telling anyone, Sara packed up quietly. After saying goodbye to her father, Sara took a taxi to the airport. It was a trip without destination and time limit. She was not even sure when she would come back.

With a beige sweater and a black tight skirt, she stared blankly at the airport hall in front of her. There were many people coming and going, but she didn't know anyone. Until now, she still didn't understand why people often failed to do what they want alone. How free being alone! Only when one lost it, one would understand it.

Looking up at the red screen, which was displaying the flight to take off soon, Sara booked a ticket to Rome.

She used to say that she wanted to go around, but she couldn't even have spare time. Now she knew that everything was in vain, so she had to relax.

In her eyes, Rome was a place full of legends. Its name was full of vicissitudes of life, which brought Sara infinite yearning for its profound history. It was an ancient European city with a glorious history. It was so brilliant that the whole southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East were included in its territory. The vast mediocrity had become the inner lake of the Empire.

In the early years of the era, Rome used to be prosperous, but it eventually declined. With the passing of history, the story left a lasting memory for the future generations, revealing the true, braveness, hate and tolerance of human nature. It reminded Sara the ending of Roman Holiday movie. A reporter asked Princess Anne from England which city had left a deep impression on her. Without hesitation, the princess replied, "Rome, of course Rome!" This sentence might be the most impressive evaluation of the beauty of Rome.

Sara had been looking forward to Rome,. It was suffused with classic buildings, magnificent capital, and a long and charming history. There were also countless people made us moved. She wondered whether Leonardo da Vinci had really seen a person with a figure of golden ratio, and whether those the countless marble pillars still remained. On this day, Sara finally set out with all kinds of questions.

The long flight was dull and boring. Because she didn't want to be disturbed, she didn't bring her previous cell phone with her. Instead, she changed her international card and only sent a message to her father to inform him that she was safe. She didn't want to be bothered by the trivial things.

Thumbing through the introduc

if it was no longer glorious, something remained the same.

Having eaten something on the plane, Sara had no appetite, beside it was late. She was very tired and didn't want to go out for dinner. After opening the door, Sara put the luggage near the door. The furnishings inside were what she liked.

The big bed was covered with European style quilts and sheets, and even the pillows looked very harmonious. Compared with domestic things, it had an indescribable charm.

Sara stood up and went to take a shower. She wrapped herself with a bath towel, which smelled like a cheongsam. She walked slowly to the French window, where the whole wall was made of glass. Looking at the orange red night view outside, the feeling of living abroad gradually dissipated. It suddenly occurred to Sara that the lights were on and there were neon lights lit up.

She opened the bottle and poured a glass of wine. She had already forgotten that the doctor had told her not to drink too much. In the past, she had been too well behaved, so she had lost so much.

Sara couldn't help but frown. She had promised to come out to relax, but why did she think of those unhappy things again? After sending her father a message to tell him that she was safe, Sara put down her glass and went back to bed.

The comfortable bed seemed to eliminate Sara's fatigue. For the whole night, Sara slept soundly. Maybe it was because she had been on the plane for too long, or maybe it was because she had drunk some red wine to help her sleep. She didn't have a dream all night and had a good sleep. These things that hadn't happened for a long time happened again.

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