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   Chapter 52 Exhausted

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There was a trace of fatigue on Sara's delicate face. She had been through too much these days, just like acting in a movie, but it was so real that she couldn't breathe.

As for Thompson, it was because she had scanty experience of life, and she trusted him too much. She understood Jacob's anger. If he was not there at that time, she would have made a big mistake. Sara didn't even dare to think about it.

Jacob not only hurt her, but also saved her. She didn't know whether she should be happy or not. She didn't want to mention this name anymore. The owner of this name gave her too much insult and pain.

She hated Jacob in her heart. She wished they had an amicable parting, but they didn't, instead, they tortured each other.

To be exact, Sara was tortured by Jacob.

On the way, Sara didn't say anything. Bess turned her head and glanced at Sara worriedly from time to time.

When they got home, Sara got out of the car. Bess only said, "Call me if you need anything." Then she marched off.

Carlos saw what was happening downstairs through the window upstairs. He couldn't wait to open the door and wait for Sara to come up.

When Sara got home, she didn't look so haggard, but her sadness was still obvious.

In order not to make her father worry, Sara told him that she turned to Jacob, but it was useless. The company was about to go bankrupt.

Carlos looked at his daughter with concern. If his daughter had to sacrifice her to maintain the company, Carlos would rather go bankrupt.

"It doesn't matter, sweetie. A company had been running for such a long time, but it hadn't been doing well, which meant that there was something wrong with it. This kind of problem was deeply entrenched, not caused by one person. If a company was vigorous, it would run well even without depending on anyone. Now, let nature take its course. I was too stubborn to see it clearly before. I'm sorry. "

Looking at her father who was sitting on the sofa and blaming himself, Sara realized that people had always wanted to express their love to each other, but this kind of love was too heavy for someone to bear in the end.

"Okay!" Sara agreed with her father. She worked so hard just because she didn't want her father to be disappointed. If her father didn't struggle anymore, she would naturally feel relieved.

Sara had never blamed her father. Her father had lost too many things in his life. The stubbornness of a person meant that he had been deeply hurt. It was not that Sara didn't want

y the encounter with Sara that day, she wouldn't have been in such a bad mood today.

At this moment, Sara had been very anxious and had no mood to go shopping. Of course, Sara's anxiety should be credit to Alice.

At that time, it was Alice who proposed to slash the price. Later, she suppressed the Carlos's company, and it was also her idea that Jacob was not allowed to help the Sara. In fact, Jacob was not so vicious, but he thought that her idea was good, so he ordered his underling did as per Alice's idea.

It was just an order, and there was naturally someone working for him.

Alice was quite satisfied with this matter. She was sure that Jacob didn't love Sara at all. Otherwise, how could she bear to make Sara sad?

The only thing that Alice miscalculated was that day. Alice stopped thinking and went straight inside. She decided to put aside those unhappy things for the time being. After all, she came here today to have fun.

Times Shopping Center was indeed the most bustling. There were people coming and going, and the decoration was warm and glorious. Each shop had its own features.

It was hustling and bustling. If you wanted to witness the prosperity of the city, it was best to check it there. There was a dazzling variety of goods there.

Alice took Jacob into a clothing shop nearby. Women were always visual animals and always felt that there was no clothes to wear in their wardrobe. Therefore, women were always keen on buying clothes.

Jacob went into the shop and sat on the rest seat, watching Alice choose.

"Miss, it's rare for a successful man go shopping with his wife. You are so lucky." The waitress flattered Alice.

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