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   Chapter 51 Sorry To Be Troublesome

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Even if Sara left, she couldn't rest assured. Would such uneasiness really accompany her all her life?

"I'm sorry, Alice." Jacob stepped forward and hugged her.

Someone once said that in a relationship, it was not the one who said sorry the most miserably, but the one who always heard sorry the most deeply hurt.

"I don't want to hear you say sorry. Jacob, I understand you." Alice didn't even blink. At this moment, she really wanted to cut Sara into pieces, but she couldn't. She couldn't show her resentment. If she wanted to get what she wanted, she must control her emotions and bear the humiliation.

Alice wanted to make Jacob feel guilty too. Only when a man felt guilty to a woman could he be loyal to her. Alice knew it well that absence of forbearance upsets great plans.

Jacob looked at Alice, who had been wronged but didn't complain. His heart ached. He didn't expect Alice to be so reasonable. What else could he expect to have such a lover?

Guilt was lingering in Jacob's heart. "You must be bored at home recently. I'll take you to the shopping mall tomorrow afternoon. I'll take my assistant with me. You can buy whatever you want. Okay? "

Apart from material compensation, Jacob couldn't think of a better way. Jacob had a knot in his heart. It was none other than Sara. Previously, in order to piss off Sara, he even wanted to go back to the past and fall in love with Alice again. However, the feeling made him scared. At that time, his mind was suffused by Sara.

He didn't dare to have sex with Alice anymore. Instead, he felt much more guilty for the two women.

He had no choice but to lie to Alice that he was not feeling well. How could a man use such an excuse to humiliate her? As expected, Alice stopped pestering Jacob and promised to give herself time.

Alice nodded, even though she was thinking, 'Do you think you can just take me out to buy something?'? No way!

But she behaved well on the surface.

What could she do if she didn't accept it? It was a done deal. Could crying and quarrelling solve the problem? Alice's sense told her to calm down.

It was good for her to go shopping and change her mood. She couldn't afford it at the beginning, and now Jacob allowed her buy anything she liked. What she

" Bess's rare tenderness was exposed too much today.

Sara felt warm in her heart. There was no love but she still friendship. God treated her well.

Sara stepped up and held Bess for a few minutes. Without saying.

People always said that men's friendship was true, because men were generous and sincere. Women's friendship was so fragile that it could be broken at a touch. Absolutely not. One had never seen the friendship between sincere girls in the world. Would he/she think that there was no such friendship in the world?

People always like this. If they didn't meet something, they would think that others wouldn't encounter either, and if they couldn't do something, they would think that the others wouldn't do. If they met some bad people, they would think that the whole world was scum.

Wasn't it ridiculous? Wasn't it a kind of immature and childish behavior? With Bess in his arms, Sara had regained all her vital energy in the past few minutes.

It could give people strength by reliance. Otherwise, why did the ancient people invent hugs?

She let go of Bess and said, "Bess, I want to go home first. My dad is still worried about me."

Bess nodded, "Wait for me on the sofa. I'll send you home."

"No, thanks, Bess. You don't have to see me off since you are busy." Sara felt that she had always be troublesome to Bess.

"It's no problem." Bess frowned.

Sara nodded. While Bess arranged her work, Sara had cleaned up her face, at least she wouldn't look so embarrassing.

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