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   Chapter 50 Love Was As Energy Conservation

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A real friend, even if she doesn't say a word, she will tell you with actions that she has always been there. Bess was such a reliable person to Sara. She trusted Bess more than Jacob.

Sara nodded, "My phone and bag were left in the hotel. I don't have any money now. My dad is waiting for me to go home. I didn't go home yesterday. My father should be very worried about me. "

Hearing what Sara said, Bess frowned deeper. "Hotel? Go home? Tell me what happened, Sara. "

It was not until now that Sara remembered that she hadn't told Bess that she had been evicted from the Shi clan. She didn't know how to start. She didn't want Bess worried about her, but unexpectedly, her situation became worse, so she had to told her.

So never think about escaping from some problems, no one can escape. She had to face it in the end.

Then Sara told her that she unconsciously broke a family heirloom jade of the Shi clan. Jacob was so infuriated to evict her from the villa, and he decided to suppress her father's company. She turned to other companies for help but failed. Thompson found her and said he could help her. She was drugged by Thompson and nearly lost her chastity. She was saved by Jacob, but also humiliated by him. She told all these to Bess.

Bess was so angry that she didn't say anything. On the one hand, she felt sorry for Sara, but on the other hand, she thought Sara was silly. Although Sara was Jacob's wife, she didn't have much contact with the outside world. Therefore, she didn't know about the evil and unpredictable world of martial arts.

But what can Bess do to help? It was just Sara's life. No one can feel the same way, and no one can bear the pain for others.

Bess comforted Sara that everything would be fine, but she couldn't have the heart to see the sad look on Sara's face. No matter how much she wanted to help Sara, she couldn't just take over her father's company. It was about to go bankrupt. Besides, Sara would definitely not agree.

"Well, Sara. Let's have dinner first. After that, you can lie on the sofa in my office for a while. I'll go to Jacob and take back your bag and phone. As for the future, let's think about it carefully. Okay? " Bess's sincere eyes didn't allow Sara to refuse.


ot off work early. It was useless to escape. He couldn't just not see Alice all his life.

As soon as Jacob got home, Alice looked around but didn't see Alice. Winnie was cooking in the kitchen. Jacob went straight to Alice's bedroom upstairs.

Alice was sitting in front of the dresser in the bedroom, expressionless. She was cold as frost and ice.

Seeing Jacob enter the room, Alice didn't even raise her eyes and ask him the question she had kept asking him before: don't you love me anymore? Don't you want me anymore?

Jacob was shocked and didn't know what to do.

Alice suddenly turned around, her eyes as sharp as arrows, as if she wanted to see through Jacob's heart. Jacob didn't dodge. The two looked at each other.

Many years ago, they looked at each other the same way before Alice boarded the plane. A few years later, the scene appeared again. But things had changed. If it was those people who hadn't changed, would their hearts really not change at all?

Alice seemed to realize something. She straightened her clothes and said, "I'm glad you're back."

It was as if Jacob had said the same on the day when Alice came back.

It turned out that the law of conservation of energy was true, and so was love. No matter how much love one had obtained and how much harm one had done to others, he/she would pay back one day.

Alice closed her eyes, and a tear fell from the corner of her eye to the ground. She would rather not call Jacob this morning than lie to herself.

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