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   Chapter 49 What's wrong with you, Sara

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"You really have a bad taste. Cherish your body. You will find yourself become older in a few years."

"Fuck off! " When Sara slapped on Jacob's face, he stood still.

Crying, Sara ran out of the room. If it weren't for Jacob, she wouldn't have come out to see Thompson. If she had sex with Thompson, would she have to thank Jacob for his push? Jacob was good at sneering and belittling herself. He must have practiced it countless times in his heart before he blurted it out without hesitation.

She didn't expect that in his eyes, she was cheap and obscene. She didn't expect that in his eyes, she only loved money from beginning to end. Well, was Sara blind to fall in love with Jacob? It was ironic for her to endure such insult and humiliation for so long. They had been married for 4 years. If they had the slightest relationship, the situation wouldn't be so embarrassing today.

Sara had always thought that she was the Cinderella who had met her prince, but today she found that he was just a hungry wolf who had eaten her up and then ]abandoned her.

Sara didn't believe any bullshit fairy tale. All her illusions were finally shattered today. It was better to be brave and accept the new life than to go bankrupt and lose dignity. She had enough of Jacob's sarcasm. If the injury was worth it, it could be forgiven. The meaningless injury was essentially the same as the virus, and it was useless. The purpose was only to make her hurt.

The glimmer of hope she had for the company was completely shattered by Jacob. He not only shattered the hope in Sara's heart, but also her love. Over and over again, disappointment and injury accumulated too much, and eventually she would naturally become resistant. This was probably the reason why she refused a person.

After entering the elevator, Sara squatted on the ground, tears streaming down her cheeks. She had never thought of such a day. What's the use of living a fucking life without ideal, material and dignity?

The more Sara cried, the soberer she became. She didn't know where to go or what to do. She neither wanted to meet any one, nor dare to meet them.

At the moment when Sara rushed out, Jacob hesitated, wondering if what he had just said was too hurtful. But when he thought of what Sara had done last night, Jacob was scared. "Is this stupid woman a pig?" the thought filled his mind, so that he couldn't control himself and couldn't help but blame her at the first sig

felt as if all her grievances were surging up. No one told him what to do, and no one knew the way ahead. It was as if she had lost her way when climbing a mountain. There was a cliff in front of her, and a tiger and a leopard behind her. There was no way out.

If marriage meant one person was bossy to another, and if two people were always in an unequal position, then this marriage would not last long. In the past, Sara didn't want to believe it, because she knew there was a miracle in the world. But now, not only did the miracle not happen, but cursed bad luck descended.

Sometimes we would finally got what we deserved, as for those not belonging to us, it was useless to demand.

The people in the office outside had already heard that Sara was crying hysterically in Bess's office. The air was so quiet that even a needle dropping on the ground could be heard. How sad could a woman cry out such a miserable voice? The thought sent shivers down their spines.

"Bess, I'm hungry." Sara stared at Bess with her red and swollen eyes.

Bess took a look at Sara and felt her heart ached by seeing her so miserable. As long as she was still hungry, it meant that she hadn't completely collapsed.

"Okay, okay. I'll ask my assistant to buy some food for you. Your eyes are red from crying. You can't go out now. Just stay in my office today. If you want to tell me what happened later, just tell me. If you don't want to tell me, I won't force you. Anyway, no matter what you do, I will support you. You must cheer up as soon as possible, Sara. I don't want to see you so depressed. " Bess patted Sara's shoulder lovingly.

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