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   Chapter 48 Unbelievable

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Life wasn't restricted to have a place to sleep and eating.

In the evening, Sara decided to go to Starry Hotel to meet Thompson. Anyway, she would have a try again. If she failed, she would have to turn to Jacob for his help. Even if she lost her dignity, she couldn't see her father's withering heart.

After dinner, Sara went out.

She wore a black dress with her waist pinched and a 5-centimeter stiletto. Although she was pregnant and was not suitable to wear high heels, she had to do so in such official occasions.

Sara's fair skin shone brightly against her dress. Her temperament was once again revealed totally, like a noble Black Swan dancing trippingly. Sara drove towards the Starry Hotel.

The dark night devoured the world, and the world returned with a silent sigh. Looking at the falling shades of the trees on roadsides, Sara was like a ghost in the dark night. She couldn't help frowning. Why did she feel so restless? What was going on?

When Sara arrived at the hotel, Thompson was already waiting for her at the gate. With a smile on his face, Thompson said, "Hi, Sara. Let's have dinner. I've booked a table inside. Let's go inside and talk while eating."

It was hard for Sara to say that she had had dinner. She nodded and followed Thompson into the Starry Hotel. It should be no problem to choose here. As far as Sara knew, this was a place for business celebrities to make business appointment. It could be seen that Thompson had attentively chose this place.

After sitting down in the dining room, Thompson asked the waitress to serve the food. As Sara came in a bit hurry, moreover, pregnant had symptoms of frequent urination, and she was no exception.

"Thompson, please wait a moment. I need to go to the bathroom." Embarrassed, Sara went to the bathroom.

"It's okay, Waitress. This lady wants to go to the bathroom. Please lead her there." Thompson called the waitress.

After Sara left, Thompson took out a bag of powder drug and poured it into the red wine glass in front of Sara.

Jacob had an appointment to have business in the Starry Hotel that night. Just then, he came in with a group of people from outside. When he raised his eyes, Jacob noticed Thompson. He hadn't got even with Thompson what happened last time. What did he mean by

p but feel moved. He didn't expect her to kiss him after taking the drug. Jacob didn't reject Sara, but responded over and over again. Feeling the temperature of her snow-white skin, Jacob picked Sara up and went to the bedroom.

At this moment, there were not so many tangles and stories. This moment was precious.

Sara's eyes were full of confusion. She knew clearly that she couldn't do it. She knew that she was still pregnant, but she couldn't help to be possessed by Jacob.

Jacob felt Sara's warm response, and a sense of melting in his heart. The room was full of love and lust. Until the two let out heavy gasps, they fell asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, Sara had a splitting headache. When she opened her eyes, she saw Jacob beside her. What happened yesterday slowly appeared in her minds. The ins and outs were clear, and Jacob also woke up. After putting on her clothes, Sara stood by the bed. At this time, Jacob also woke up, and he sat up and leaned against the pillow.

Sara was thinking about how to break the embarrassment.

Jacob took the lead, almost emotionless. "I thought you would make progress after leaving me, but I didn't expect you to still be so obscene. And you must have use the same way to climb into Thompson's bed to retrieve your father's company."

It never occurred to Sara that Jacob would say in such a way. She couldn't believe that the man had even had sex with her last night. "Yes, I'm such a bitch. For the sake of the company and my father, I can sell myself."

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