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   Chapter 47 Enjoyed Doing it

Lose My Heart To My Ex-wife By Ta Shuo Characters: 8000

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On the second day after Sara left. Jacob sat at the table and had breakfast. Hearing Alice's endless grumble, Jacob frowned. It was the first time that he found that she was always such a noisy person. That day, Jacob went to the company and didn't come back until 10 o'clock in the evening, in order to dodge Alice. Because Jacob was eager for tranquility, not endless noise.

On the third day after Sara left. In the office, listening to the assistant reporting the news of the company related to living goods, Jacob found that Sara had already been looking for the company to cooperate. Imagining that every time she was refused because of his order, he felt a little sorry for her. Jacob deceived himself that he must be not used to it, so he was so disappointed.

On the fourth day after Sara left, Jacob woke up and felt suffocated and short of breath. Why did he feel so stronger and stronger? But what he said was like spilled water cannot be gathered up. Moreover, Jacob had made a decision after careful consideration and hasty impulsion. But why was he not in the mood to work and live?

The fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day...after Sara left.

Jacob realized more and more clearly that she would never come back. He couldn't help but think about his tone at that time. If his tone was a little softer, would Sara hear the same meaning as he wanted to express? After all, he just wanted to vent his anger.

Why wasn't Alice attractive after Sara left in Jacob's eyes? He has wanted to be alone with Alice, but he felt he changed his minds now.

Their love was not the same as before, how could he still want to have the feeling of the past. Jacob laughed at his innocence.

He looked expressionless, but in fact, his heart had already been surging.

His temper became very capricious in the office, which made his subordinates like frightened birds. Occasionally, they would talk about it when they were free.

Jacob kept thinking about what happened that day. Without looking back, Sara left without hesitation.

However, she didn't ask Jacob what should she do in the future, whether they could meet, and whether Jacob was sad.

Maybe Jacob had his position in Sara's heart, or maybe she loved him. But the two were not suitable for each other.

What she said and what happened that day revolved in Jacob's mind like a round robin play. But time did not

le was embarrassing that he couldn't breathe because of the company's affairs recently. Every day, some employees resigned and some urged him to pay salary. In order to maintain the company's normal operation, Carlos was about to default on employee's salary. Therefore, many employees were afraid that they couldn't get their salary, so they began to urge them in advance.

One's strength was limited, and the pressure one had to face was limitless. Carlos didn't know how he got through that week. Every day, he went out for business, full of expectations, thinking that a miracle would come. But after the whole week, what he obtained was disappointment and despair, and he seemed to be 10 years older. Her grey hair was much more.

Looking at her father who was in low spirits, Sara said, "Dad, don't worry. I'll go to see Jacob tonight. Even if I have to beg him, I'll let our company off."

Hearing his daughter's words, Carlos felt very sad. His daughter, who shouldn't have taken the responsibility, was so considerate. Was it because of his stubbornness that his wife left him? If he admitted defeat, would the result be different?

Carlos looked at the dishes on the table and said, "Let's have dinner first, Sara. Let's forget the business of the company for the time being."

Seeing his father's expression, Sara stopped talking. Economic basis determined superstructure, and it was true. If she couldn't afford to eat or sleep, she wouldn't have any mood to think about anything else. Although she and her father wouldn't end up like this, but this was what we called life.

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