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   Chapter 46 Misfortune Never Came Alone

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Sara sat on the sofa in the reception room, with her assistant standing next to her. About 10 minutes later. One with glasses came, looking very gentle.

Sara walked up to him and stretched out her right hand. The two shook hands.

"How do you do! Mrs. Mandy! I was in a meeting just now, sorry for keep you waiting. My name is Lucas, and I'm the manager of the purchasing department of the Wen Group. " The man introduced himself.

Sara nodded with a smile. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Lucas. I'm here to talk about the contract with your company. "

"I know what you mean. Forgive us that we can't agree." Mr. Lucas refused without hesitation.

"Why haven't you listened to my conditions and reasons?" Shock was written all over Sara's face. The most terrible thing had happened. She had been refused almost before she could say anything. And she was refused firmly and forcefully.

"Mrs. Mandy, if you insist on asking the reason. Let me tell you the truth. First of all, regardless of the quality of your father's company's products, our company has basically transformed, and we can't order as many as before. Secondly, this is the most important thing. I hope you can be mentally prepared. Jacob, the CEO of the Shi Group also issued a statement in our industry. No matter what reason or request you have, no one can agree to your contract terms. Otherwise, we will be responsible for the consequences by ourselves. " Mr. Lucas conveyed the stance of the Wen Group according to the order of the CEO of the Shi Group.

It seemed that Sara's hope was dented a lot, and she was in a trance. It turned out that Jacob wanted to force her to the cliff. How could them be the enemy of the Shi Group because of Sara? It made no sense. Jacob had also thought that she would turn to cooperate with other companies, so he directly cut off all her ways.

Nodding in understanding, Sara left the Wen Group with her assistant.

The breeze of early autumn blew on Sara's face. It was hard to describe the coldness in her heart. Disappointment, helplessness and hatred surged up in her heart. It turned out that there was no shortcut in the world. Difficulties and challenges always remained there.

Her assistant didn't dare to say a word beside Sara. No one could understand how angry she was. Her husband was going to destroy her father's company. How deep her hatred was?

had been at home all day because she couldn't stand the gossips of the company. Since she knew Jacob well, she didn't have to pester him all day long. As long as Sara stayed far away from Jacob, she could rest assured.

In fact, Alice's life was very comfortable now. She didn't have anything to worry about. She woke up naturally every day. She didn't need to worry about anything. The only thing that made Alice unhappy was that after Sara moved away, Jacob slept in Sara's bedroom on the excuse that they were not married. His reaction confused and annoyed Alice. Why did a woman who had been evicted made him miss her so much?

But Alice was confident that time would kill all the memories. One day, everyone would forget that Sara had been here because she had left for too long. As long as she made sure that she would stay in the Shi clan, everything would be a matter of time.

During the one week after Sara left, Jacob kept thinking whether it was right or wrong for him to evict Sara away. It didn't make any sense even if he knew it was right or wrong. However, as long as Jacob was free, he couldn't help but think of Sara. She was like a poison growing in his mind, lingering every day.

On the first day of Sara's departure, Jacob didn't have special feelings. Everything seems normal. It seems as if Sara just went shopping and would come back in the evening. But in the evening, Sara didn't come back. Jacob couldn't fall asleep again when he was sleeping on Sara's bed with her scent. He couldn't fall asleep for a long time. He somehow fell asleep at last.

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