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   Chapter 45 Had Nothing

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Half an hour later, Bess arrived downstairs.

When Sara saw Bess, she didn't tease her as she used to do. Today, the atmosphere seemed a little serious.

After getting in the car, Bess said, "Sara, what will you do if you are really pregnant?"

With a determined look at Bess, Sara said, "Give birth to the baby."

"I want to be the godmother of your child." Bess grinned happily.

"I thought you would persuade me to have an abortion." Sara exclaimed.

Bess replied, "How could it be? The child is innocent, no matter whether Jacob divorced you or not. You should give birth to the baby. " Bess said seriously.

"But aren't you afraid that the baby will be lonely without a father after it is born?" Sara asked curiously.

"Are you silly, Sara? You can find a father for your child in the future. At least, those children who grew up in single parent families may not have psychological problems. Don't worry, I will love my godson a lot."

"Okay." Without saying anything more, Sara leaned against the back of the chair and had a good rest.

When they arrived at the hospital, she registered for gynecology and obstetrics.

The doctor asked Sara how long she hadn't had her period. After thinking for a while, she told him that it was about 2 months. The doctor suggested her to take the B Ultrasound directly, so that she could get the pregnant result immediately, but the gender of the fetus could not be known. After doing the B Ultrasound, Sara soon got the result.

Unexpectedly, she was really pregnant. The doctor told Sara to have a regular pregnancy check-up and have a good rest. Pay attention to nutrition and not to work too hard and stay up late.

After listening to the doctor's instructions, Sara and Bess walked out of the doctor's office.

As soon as she went out, Bess hugged Sara happily. "That's great, Sara. I've been waiting for this day for too long! I'm so happy. "

Sara rolled her eyes at Bess and said, "Why don't you find a boyfriend and have a baby as soon as possible?"

Bess held Sara in her arms and said in a spoiled tone, "I haven't met the right person yet. If I meet him, I will give birth to a baby without hesitation."

Looking at Sara, who was usually fearless, with a blush on her face, Bess exclaimed, "Damn it!".

"Sara, are you going to tell this to Jacob?" Bess frowned as if she suddenly thought of Jacob.

"Bess, please keep it a secret for me for the time being. Don't tell anyone. As for Jacob, I can't tell him either. If he knows it, he must take the child there. By that time, Alice will become the stepmo

o risk everything. There was no good way but to pester them.

The assistant was a little embarrassed. "Then do as you say, Miss Sara. But I don't think we can hold on."

This was also a headache for Sara. Now the company had lost 50% of its sales because Jacob didn't renew the contract. The company was getting worse and worse. If the situation didn't improve, it wouldn't last long.

"Just play it by ear. If the Wen Group doesn't work, we can find someone else. Anyway, we can't give up. " Said Sara firmly. Only if she didn't give up would there be hope. If she gave up, she would really lose everything and completely fail.

The assistant nodded, as if she was boosted her confidence by Sara's words.

They arrived at the building of the Wen Group. The assistant got out of the car and opened the door for Sara. Wearing a pair of 5 centimeter high-heeled shoes, Sara stepped out of the car door. Then the assistant closed the door. She followed closely behind Sara.

After entering the first floor of the hall of the Wen Group, Sara stood by the counter, explaining her purpose of coming, then she handed out her business card, which was printed with "the wife of the CEO of the Shi Group". She didn't expect that the first time she formally used this card was after she was divorced and evicted out of the Shi clan. Sara just wanted to see the person in charge of the Wen Group as soon as possible.

The counter staff took a look at the business card that was taken out by Sara, although there was no appointment. But she didn't dare to neglect her. After reporting to the superior, she asked Sara to wait for a moment in the reception hall on the first floor, and the person in charge would come over soon.

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